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Greys Anatomy -- Sometimes It's Better To Be An Only Child

Updated on October 12, 2014

Derek and Meredith Behaving Badly

The episode opened with Alex taking a shower trying to practice his speech to the board, while Meredith was ranting and raving outside the shower about Sister Maggie, while Jo stood outside the door with her ear pressed against it trying to figure out what was going on. At one point a frustrated Alex rips open the curtain displaying his equipment and saying how this is inappropriate, while Meredith says his equipment is well put together [but it doesn't seem to do anything for Meredith]. Then Alex hears what she's saying about what Maggie said and agrees to help Meredith try to prove that Maggie is a liar.

Alex gets access to Ellis' medical files at that time and learns she tried to kill herself when she was pregnant. It's believe Ellis hadn't been aware at the time she was pregnant. So Meredith has to suck-up the horrible truth that Maggie is her sister. She instead sucks on a bottle of booze sounding pretty resentful that Derek turned down the Washington job and declaring drunkenly that she's the sun. Thanks, Cristina.

Meredith was really coming off as a pretty ungrateful turd by her resentful attitude because Derek turned down the job, but it turned out she knows her husband well. Later in the episode when Meredith tries to tell Derek about Maggie, he gets up all in her grille and gives her a face full of resentment, and she just walks away from him in disgust over his attitude.

At least things went better when Meredith confronted Richard about the Maggie thing. He tells Meredith he never knew until Maggie showed up and told him she was Ellis Grey's daughter. Meredith is actually understanding when Richard tells her he didn't know how to tell Maggie he was her father, but she urges him to not wait any longer and just do it. However, when Richard goes to tell Maggie just that, she's anything but understanding and accuses him of always knowing the truth and turns on him. So much for finally having a child of his own.

Derek is also having little sister problems of his own. Maybe because I don't like the Amelia character and her constant rivalry with Derek what he did didn't really bother me that much. Anyway, now that Derek turned don't the job in Washington he's having buyer's remorse giving of his head of Neurosurgery title to his annoying little sister. Things reach critical mass when Derek and Amelia fight over a patient. When her back is turned, he takes the patient into the ER and opens him up and the man dies on the operating table. When they get into a heated argument, he gives her a boatload of his resentment of having to give up that job, too.

The problem with Derek's resentment is it should be directed at himself. No one held a gun to his head and forced him to give up the job. He chose his family over his career. Sorry, McScreamy, but it was your choice, so suck it up dude and stop blaming everyone else for your own decision. No, what he's really mad about is Meredith wouldn't give up her career so he could have it all without having to make any kind of sacrifices. Sorry dude, that's not how it works.

Callie and Owen also get into it when Owen asks her to help some veteran amputees walk. Unfortunately, Owen makes a promise to the first vet that Callie can't keep, cause the man has nerve damage that makes him not a candidate. Jackson has to get involved in the mess cause the two had a public fight in the hall. Owen confides in Callie that he just wanted to have something that worked after the disaster his relationship with Cristina turned in to and he apologizes for what he did.

As it happens, Jackson manages to save the day. He says with his plastic surgery skills he can repair the nerve damage done to the man's leg and make him a suitable candidate for the prosthetic leg. Callie and Owen asked Jackson to join their project and he's thrilled, as it sounds like he's getting a bit bored with plastic surgery.

Of course, when Callie mentions her new project, things come around to them having a surrogate have their child. With Arizona going for her fellowship and Callie involved in this project, do they really have time for another child. This causes Callie to accuse Arizona of not really wanting another child.

I hate to say it, but I really liked the chemistry between Owen and Callie. I know that people are speculating Owen will end up getting together with the annoying Amelia, but I thought he might end up with Maggie. Now I'm wondering if something could possibly happen between Owen and Callie. They both have a lot in common and in Meredith's alternate reality dream Owen and Callie were married with children.

Finally, it's time for the board to meet and to decide who gets Cristina's vacant seat. Will it be Bailey who has Richard's recommendation to ride on or Alex who has Cristina's shares in the hospital? I have to say I was initially on Team Bailey, but the way she acted so insufferably smug, I figured Karev would get the set and she's have to eat her smugness. As it turned out, the board went with Bailey and Alex is the one whose left with no seat on the board. Although he does have shares in the hospital that may bring him some money now that big mouth Maggie got him fired from his lucrative doctor's practice.

Of course, if Alex is a real Bitter Betty, he might just decide to sell his shares in the hospital, that could quite possibly cause trouble for the hospital. In short, is this thing really over? Or will Karev play dirty and get a little of his own back against the board?


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