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Grey's Anatomy -- Storm Of The Century

Updated on May 13, 2013

Original Airing: May 9, 2013

A super storm is heading to Seattle and the hospital is making sure it’s stocked up on supplies and printing out patient files in case the power goes out and they won’t have access to the computer filing system. Apparently no one has noticed all the stuff April stole. Although you’d think this was a prime opportunity to do so. So it appears she’ll get away with hospital theft without even getting a slap on the wrist.

Bailey volunteers to print-out all the patient files in case and refuses to do ER duty. When Richard requests she help with the freak of the week patient [he’s being called Shish Kabob Bob because his body has rods of steel embedded in it] she refuses. Ben councils giving Bailey times because she’s afraid she’ll kill another patient. Richard proves he knows Bailey a bit better by saying while coddling may work for some, he thinks Bailey needs to have the band-aid ripped off and he does just that. He tells her they don’t need a file clerk, they need a doctor and if she can’t be a doctor than to get the hell out. It works, as Bailey writes herself down for a surgery, much to Ross’ pleasure, as he was stuck on file duty with her.

April whines to Jackson that she feels Owen is purposely keeping her from doing surgeries. She has a fit when Owen pulls her off the Shish Kabob Bob case, since he was her patient when he was admitted. She’s unaware Matthew asked him to do it so he could stage this really cringe-worthy song and dance performance by his paramedic friends so he could ask April to marry him and she says yes. However, when she’s hugging Matthew she and Jackson’s eyes meet.

Owen decides he’s going to become Ethan foster parent, but while he’s in surgery Cristina notices something on the X-Ray of Ethan’s father, Paul. There’s a blood clot. She goes to Derek and he and Brooks operate to remove it. When Owen comes out of surgery he’s greeted with the unpleasant sight of seeing Paul awake and with Ethan. He can’t tolerate it so much he transfers Paul to a different hospital so he won’t have to see Ethan any longer. Cristina doesn’t understand his behavior when he was on her back to get Paul to wake-up and Meredith explains that Owen was hoping to adopt Ethan. It was too bad that Owen couldn’t be happy for Ethan having his father back and saying goodbye to him.

Alex goes over to Jo’s boyfriend Jason to confront him about beating her up. The next thing we see is Alex bringing Jason into the ER with a serious head injury. At first, everyone suspects Alex beat him up, then Jo admits she’s the one who did it. It turns out Jason may have hit Jo in self-defense when she attacked him. Derek overhears Alex threatening Jason into not turning Jo into the police for what she did to him, and he makes it clear to Alex he didn’t like what he did. Later, Alex takes Jo back to his house where they’re interrupted by a tree falling through the window. He was telling her she can’t beat someone up just because they grabbed her and still was refusing to tell her he loves her.

Both Jackson and Arizona are very impressed by Lauren Boswell, but only one of them has sex with her in the hospital and it isn’t Jackson. When the lights go out Arizona and Lauren share a kiss. Then Arizona locks the door and gets down and dirty with Lauren on the floor. She didn’t really even seem to try and resist her attraction to Lauren very much. The only question is when and how will Callie find out.

Meredith’s McBaby is causing her a bit of trouble. First, she isn’t pleased because of her advanced pregnancy she’s being kept out of surgery. Then she falls down the hospital stairs, but luckily, she doesn’t harm the baby. And finally, just as the super storm hits Meredith’s water breaks and she goes into labor. The one bright spot is at least Meredith is at the hospital. Still, if the hospital loses power it’s not going to be a pleasant night to give birth.

So as the storm hits April has gotten herself engaged, Arizona has cheated on Callie and Meredith has gone into labor. And the Ethan and Owen saga has come to an end. What other developments will the storm bring? And will all the doctors make it through the finale alive?


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