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Grey's Anatomy -- The 200th Episode

Updated on October 13, 2013

Kind of a lackluster milestone

It was the 200th episode of Grey's Anatomy, unfortunately, the episode was kind of forgettable.

The board members slash doctors got dressed up to the nines and schmoozed with people to try and get donations to fix the storm-damaged hospital. A few of the staff doctors were also there. Bailey skipped it to look after The Chief. After the way he treated Meredith she just decided to let the man rot if that's what he wanted.

Webber really looked bad this episode. He looked like he was on death's door. Bailey tried to force him to do what he needs to do to improve his condition, but he shoved her away and knocked her on the floor. I was wondering if he could have damaged her hand and she was shaking it from her fall.

Bailey also had a patient that was dying that didn't want to die. He wanted Bailey to do something to save his life. She wasn't really giving him her all because of Webber. Finally at her wits end she put the two men together and it did the trick. Webber finally started to do what he needed to do to improve his condition.

At the fundraiser Owen met a woman from another hospital that kind of pushed all the right buttons with him, only Cristina tried to put the kibosh on it. She pushed him in the direction of someone else. Meanwhile she flirted with another donor to get a big donation, since Jackson made it a contest for who got the biggest donation.

Callie had a donor who thought Arizona had died in the plane crash and Callie decided to go with that. I think she went with it because in a very real way Arizona did die in the plane crash. The Arizona Callie knew never came back from that plane crash. However, she started to feel a bit like a crud when people who'd really lost their spouses started commiserating with her.

Meanwhile, April and Arizona spend the night getting pickled. Arizona whined about not liking at how everyone looks at her because of what she did. I still get the feeling she doesn't think what she did was any big deal. How do you forgive someone who doesn't think betraying you was any big deal? How does someone like they even deserve being forgiven.

Meredith and Derek had a competition on who can get the most money. They also had some deal that neither can function as a doctor and both have to be on maternity leave. That deal gets broken when one of the performers at the party has the gross-out moment of the week when the bone in her leg bursts out of her leg.

I think this was also the episode where I seriously wondered if Ross was a sociopath. I don't get that he has any lingering guilt over being responsible for Brook's death. In fact, he was doing in this episode the same thing he did in the episode that lead Brooks to her death. He was screwing over other doctors to get to work on their patients. That's how Brooks ended in the basement. Derek wanted her to attend a patient and instead Ross lied and told her she was supposed to go down to the basement in the end.

When Cristina heard about his antics she praised him for being a shark. I wonder if she'd still be praising him if she knew the part he played in Brooks death. Shark Ross then decided to move in on Stephanie by laying a big wet one on her. Only problem is Jackson walked in and saw it and thought she was cheating on him. She tracked Jackson back down at the party and explained that Ross had kissed her. She also admitted she was angry he didn't ask her to be his date at the party.

This is Sandra Oh's last season on the show and I wonder if the way they'll write Cristina out is she and Owen just can't work in the same hospital together. She's having major problems with Owen possibly getting involved with the doctor he met at the party. The fact is Owen and Cristina love each other but they want radically different things out of life and trying to get on with their lives while working in the same hospital may just not be possible. One of them may need to start fresh in a new hospital so they can both get on with their lives.

A junkie was brought into the hospital and Alex started to wonder if the man could quite possibly be his father. Jo got him to open up and helped him to do a DNA test on him and the junkie. Then she revealed to Alex the man is his father. So it looks like Alex will get to deal with another nightmare member of his family.

Of the new interns, Leah has become the best one. Edwards is great when she's a doctor but when she gets around Jackson she becomes this clinging vine girlfriend. It's just not pretty. Shonda Rimes made a big mistake making Ross responsible for Brooks' death. The fact he displays no lasting consequences for his actions and continues to try to steal patients from other doctors like he did Brooks just makes him come off as a sociopath. And Jo is just not interesting.

Anyway, this didn't really seem like a big 200th episode. Nothing really special happened in it. I wouldn't even have known it a milestone episode if I hadn't read it online.

The previews for next week look interesting. It seems Meredith and Cristina are going to butt heads over a patient with Cristina saying she's a better doctor than Meredith is. Those are fighting words. Will the Meredith and Cristina friendship be able to survive this or will it cause a major rift between them? Or is the previews just misleading as previews always are? Tune in next week to find out.


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