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Grey's Anatomy -- The Awful Truth

Updated on April 6, 2013

Original Airing: April 4, 2013

This week the show finally got back to what it does best: dealing with the personal relationships of the doctors who work at Grey-Sloan. The show actually gave viewers a taste of hardcore realism this week on just how bad doctors in poor foreign countries have it when trying to take care of their patients and how doctors who are sick when they care for patients can actually kill them instead of cure them.

The one that hit home most for me is because in the past I’ve done what Murphy did and I had the exact same mentality. I’m not that sick so I’m not going to infect the patient with my cold. I worked in activities and didn’t have anything to do with patient care and took precautions but I could have easily infected someone, just like Murphy thought she had with some of Bailey’s patients who came in with a post-op infection. Bailey came down on her like a ton of bricks, but when a patient came in that Murphy hadn’t had any contact with it was realized the person who had infected these people was actually Bailey.

Since Bailey was so hard on Murphy, you wouldn’t think she had done the same and attended her patients when she was slightly sick. So the big question is just how did Bailey infect her patients? It would be horribly ironic if while Bailey was busy geno-mapping them for potential diseases they could quite possibly get in the future and she has some kind of disease or sickness she’s not even aware she’s got. In any case, it hit Bailey hard that she had infected [and in one case killed] patients who came to her for help.

Murphy was afraid she might get fired for what she did. Will the same fate await Bailey? Just how will she deal with being responsible for harming her patients when all she wanted to do was help them?

In a blast from the past, when Owen held his class for the doctors to work under disaster conditions, two Syrian doctors came to learn procedures to help them save lives under harsh conditions. Only the doctors showed Owen and the other doctors just how harsh the conditions they have to work on. They have nothing to sedate the patients with. They have no light. They have very little instruments to try and save their patients’ lives with. So Owen set the doctors to coming up with medical procedures these doctors could do to save lives when they have so little equipment and supplies to save lives with.

The personal stories involved both showing that Owen and Cristina want different things out of life and that isn’t going to change. April finally telling Matthew the truth about her lack of virginity. And Meredith and Derek dealing with the results of Meredith’s geno-mapping by Bailey.

Bailey revealed Meredith had several of the genetic markers that indicate she could quite possibly develop Alzheimer’s in the future. Meredith wanted to put her affairs in order by her and Derek updating their wills. At present, Lexie is supposed to take Zola if anything happens to Meredith and Derek. Meredith instantly thought of Cristina, but Derek had reservations because Cristina doesn’t want to be a mother. It turns out Derek was right. When Meredith heard Cristina talking about arranging for the best caretakers for Zola, she realized not even for her did Cristina want to be a mother. So Meredith took her off the list. Cristina, however, promised to give Meredith a lethal injection if she got Alzheimer’s so her children won’t have to deal with what Meredith dealt with when Ellis got the disease. However, Derek reveals Bailey’s geno-mapping of him said he could get liver or prostrate cancer. He also suggested whether or not Meredith takes a lethal injection because she has Alzheimer’s should be a joint decision and she agreed.

The sad thing about Cristina’s refusal to even be a mother for Meredith just brought home the fact Cristina will never change her mind on that issue. She may be good with kids, but she doesn’t want to be anyone’s mother, not even Meredith’s kids. Meanwhile Owen still wants kids. That’s not an issue that’s going to go away or be resolved. There’s no middle ground to come to a compromise over. In short, Owen and Cristina have no future together.

Cristina may have realized that when she finally figured out why Owen kept jumping down her throat about her care of Ethan’s father. At first, she thought he didn’t want to be chief and wanted to go back to teaching. Then she saw Owen with Ethan and the truth finally hit her.

Ethan’s mother thankfully woke-up from her surgery and this time she recognized him. Unfortunately, Ethan’s grandmother couldn’t make it to the hospital because of the weather and it looked like he would have to be taken into child protective care overnight. When Ethan found out he started hyperventilating. So Owen and Alex tried to get Arizona to agree to admit Ethan in the hospital with a fake diagnosis so he could stay near his parents, but she refused.

I’d been thinking this for awhile, but Arizona has really changed. She used to have such caring and empathy for her patients and now she’s cold, clinical and by the book. Talking to one of the Syrian doctors got her to change her mind. And when Owen was in reassuring Ethan there was nothing wrong with him, Cristina saw Owen with Ethan and finally got what bug he’s got up his butt.

Hearing of the hardship the Syrian doctors have to work under convinced April that if she compared her lie about being a virgin to their hardships Matthew would think it was no big deal when she told him the truth. Wrong! Especially the way she tried to make it seem it was no big deal she lied to him. She could have told him how ashamed she was for losing her virginity and that’s why she lied and he might have forgiven her. But the way she chose to tell him the truth guaranteed he wouldn’t be understanding about it.

The worst moment of the night came when April decided telling the truth was bad so she decided to steal equipment from the hospital and get it to the Syrian doctors. If this nit thinks she can get away with stuff like that she’s dumber than she acts. I guess the big question will be if Jackson will cover for her when he finds out and if that will reignite their relationship.
Finally, Ross was doing everything he could to undermine Brooks and make sure she got to do nothing on Derek’s service. Unfortunately for him his brownnosing backfired on him. Derek was forced to tell Ross that Brooks has the instinct for the work that Ross just doesn’t and suggested Ross needed to find another specialty with another doctor. He needed to step aside and let him teach Brooks and to stop interfering with that.

Many of the doctors faced up to some hard truths, this week. April learned you can take back a lie and then compounded it by becoming a thief, as well. Murphy faced up to the fact even being slightly ill could harm the patients you’re treating and after this scare she’ll never do it again. And Meredith and Derek faced up to the fear that’s been present in their relationship from the start: what if Meredith should get Alzheimer’s?

Owen and Cristina, however, haven’t dealt with the elephant in the room. They’ve ignored it by becoming bed buddies and not trying to have a real relationship. If Cristina isn’t going to change her mind on the mother issue for Meredith, she won’t do it for Owen, either. And Owen still wants kids as witnessed by the way he latched on to Ethan. That issue isn’t going to change. So they may need to face up to finally going their separate ways and possibly one of them leaving the hospital so they can finally let go of each other and move on to other people who can give them what they need and want.

As for Bailey, as hard as she came down on Murphy for taking care of patients while she had a low grade fever, you wouldn’t think she’d have done the same thing herself? You would think if she was guilty of doing the same thing she would have contemplated the fact it was her fault instead of laying all the blame on Murphy. The big question is could Bailey have been sick and not have known it?

It’ll be interesting to see how the new board members deal with the first real crisis coming their way.


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