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Grey's Anatomy -- The Boards

Updated on April 28, 2012

Surprising hook-ups and the stomach flu

It's time for the residents to board the shuttle to San Francisco to take their boards, but some don't want to go. Alex, after distancing himself for Baby Tommy, is getting himself back involved in the case and Arizona has to force him to board the shuttle.

Back at the hospital, Owen and Teddy have to consult on a patient and it isn't pretty. Both have two different ideas on how the patient should be cared for. Callie tells Bailey it's her duty to get the two to make-up. Bailey gives Teddy a talking to and it seems to work. I don't mind Owen and Teddy being friends again, but please, no more than that. I loathed Owen/Teddy as a couple. I don't want to go there, again.

April is bouncing off the walls more than usual about taking the boards. She has a run-in with another resident there to take his boards who said she stole his job at the hospital he's working at when she's bragging about the job she's been offered. Things gets nasty when a wasted April punches him in the face and causes a barroom brawl that gets interrupted when Richard enters. April ends up having sex with Jackson and losing her virginity to him. The next day, however, she feels Jesus has turned on her because she was saving herself for Jesus. Not as a potential lover, but keeping herself pure because she thought that's what HE wanted.

Jackson's mother has showed up, as well, and she makes a beeline for Richard. The two have sex. Just wait and see Adele snap out of her Alzheimer's induced romance and want Richard back. The whole thing made no sense. Adele, with her condition, wouldn't have kept up a prolonged attachment to this man. And no facility would condone a sexual relationship between Alzheimer's patients who didn't know what they were doing. It was obviously done to condone this hook-up between Richard and Catherine. The next morning Jackson arrives and finds Richard and Catherine and puts two and two together.

Meredith has caught the stomach flu from Zola and is pretty much puking up her guts non-stop. Cristina takes care of her. Meredith pushes Cristina to get a divorce from Owen, which Cristina resists. She defends Owen cheating on her as it being a mistake that happened once, but she also says she wants to leave Owen. Cristina makes Meredith get dressed, when she doesn't want to go take her boards, and tells her it's mind over matter and that she needs to tell herself to stop throwing up.

Alex leaves San Francisco to return to the hospital to help with Baby Tommy's care. In surgery, Arizona says there's nothing that can be done for the child. Morgan takes him off life support. When Alex wants to stay and support Morgan, Arizona says she needs to handle this herself and he needs to get back to San Francisco to take his boards. Only it appears Alex doesn't make it back in time.

Mark seems to be finding a lot of excuses to spend time with Lexie, but she can't get it out of her mouth that she still loves him. She cries on Derek's shoulder that Mark still thinks she's in love with Jackson.

From the promo for next week's show, one of the resident's fails his or hers boards. I'm leaning toward it being Cristina. Alex will probably make it to the boards even though it appears he's missed them. Meredith is sick with the flu, but I think she'll pass them, as well. Cristina is considered the most promising of the residents so for her to fail her board would be shocking.


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    • caramellatte profile image

      caramellatte 5 years ago

      This is my favorite show! I liked the look on Avery's face when he saw his mom in Webber's room. Lol, it was priceless.