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Grey's Anatomy -- The Bug

Updated on April 10, 2014

This is why MRSA is so prevalent in hospitals

I think this was the episode I realized all Jo and Alex do is fight and have sex. This episode they were fighting about Alex's student loan. A couple of episodes before they were arguing about signing the couple contract. And before that it was Alex's father. And in between the fighting they've been going at it like bunnies at the hospital. Sorry, but don't they live together? Couldn't they hold it til they got home? Ditto for April and Jackson. And do any of them like shower after copulating all over the place?

Anyway, this episode there was some bug going through the hospital and a lot of the doctors were getting it. Jackson was the first to fall. April was a bit hurt he didn't want the new wifey to take care of him. Instead, he headed home to hibernate like a bear in his sick cave all by himself.

Leah was also sick and wanted to go home, but Webber told her she had to work through the sickness. That's what a good doctor does. Yeah, a good doctor sees patients sick possibly infecting them with their sickness or performs surgery on them when their sick. When I'm sick I won't even drive a car, because I'm not fit to get behind a wheel. These days with the roads filled with bad drivers you don't just have to look out for yourself but everyone else. If your reflexes are off it's as bad a driving under the influence. And if all doctors have Webber's mentality no wonder people can go in a hospital and come out infected with MRSA if all the doctors are sick and trying to push through it.

Derek is also infected and he's trying to do what Webber advises Leah to do and push through it. That doesn't work too well from him when his legs give out on him and he falls on his butt in the corridor. He's supposed to give some big speech to his White House big wigs and Meredith ends up stepping up to the plate for him, even though she hasn't been thrilled about this whole White House business.

Meanwhile Cristina is obsessed with winning the Harper-Avery. You wouldn't even guess the whole Owen-Cristina episode happened last week. Or that they even had sex a few weeks together. They both acted friendly but like there was nothing between them.

Alex meets a doctor who is in a private practice and offers him in, saying he can make money hand over fists and he can pick what projects he wants to do like Alex's surgeries on those kids from a poor country. [Sorry, think they're from Africa but I really can't recall if that's it. You see how much I pay attention to Alex stories.]

Alex seems to start thinking about taking the man up on his offer, but to buy into the practice he'd need to go even further in debt, since the guy wants a pretty big chunk of change. I imagine Jo will now start arguing with Alex against him leaving the hospital and going into private practice. Seriously, they need to pull the plug on the Jo/Alex romance. It's not interesting and as I said, earlier, has only two modes: fighting and sex. Not interesting at all.

While I was relieved when I heard the news that Ross wouldn't be back, since the character sucks and shouldn't have been brought back to the hospital after he caused the death of Alex's father. I was sorry to hear about Leah. I thought she was the most promising of the interns left. Why they're keeping Jo and Stephanie is beyond me. The Stephanie character hasn't done much since she stopped crushing on Jackson and sleeping with him. I actually liked her better before she got rid of the glasses. As for Jo, she's got a secure place cause she's involved with Alex, but the relationship sucks and they're doing Alex no favors by keeping him stuck with her.

Since the show has come back from break I just haven't found it that interesting to watch. The only interesting episode was the Cristina and Owen episode. It also didn't help that it was like a magic wand was waved and all the previous stories were resolved. Like how did Cristina and Meredith go from being two spitting cats trapped in a bag together to being friends again? I also think the whole White House storyline for Derek is pretty boring.

I'm really beginning to think the time has come to pull the plug on this show. It's starting to feel that it's gone way past it's expiration date. I mean, can they give Meredith a better story than wanting to keep up with the Jones in her research project. Now that April and Jackson are married can they write something interesting for them. A lot of times the best part, nay the only interesting part of the show, has been Cristina. I really don't know if the show can survive once she goes.

If the show wants to continue, Rimes is going to need to start writing a lot better stories for the remaining cast members than she has this season. She also needs to stop having all the stories she tortures us with resolved off-camera. It wasn't just Meredith and Cristina making up. How about the way Bailey's OCD and marital problems with Ben suddenly vanished after the break? If we had to watch these problems, we definitely deserved to see the resolution played out on the show and just act like all problems were solved while the show took a three week jump in time.

Seriously, Rimes needs to step up and develop some interesting stories or she needs to have the class to realize it's time to end the show and give it a hopefully satisfying ending if she can't think of anything interesting to write for the remaining characters.


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