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Grey's Anatomy -- The Doctor's Decide To Buy The Hospital

Updated on February 25, 2013

Original Airing: February 14, 2013

Callie’s idea gets shot down by the person she last expected to shoot it down: Arizona. She’s adamantly against it. She wants them to keep their money and forget about the hospital. She also personally attacks Derek for being on Team Callie in support of buying the hospital. She calls him egomaniacal and declares he didn’t really lose anything in the crash since no one he love died [Hello, Mark?] and even though his hand was initially hurt, he’s gotten the use of it back and can perform surgery, again.

Cristina isn’t too open to the plan, either. She laughs her head off when Meredith suggests it. However, when Owen honestly admits he doesn’t feel Pegasus Horizon isn’t right for the hospital, but it’s the only hope they have, she changes her mind and gets on board.

The staff at the hospital begins to revolt against the plans for Seattle Grace to become a Pegasus Horizons hospital. Owen has to talk to the nurses to stop them from walking out. And the interns are even thinking of leaving to find a hospital where they can hone their skills to be the best then can be, feeling once Pegasus Horizons takes over, Seattle Grace won’t be the hospital it used to be.

Bailey’s support of Pegasus Horizons ends when the genome research she needs to treat a young cancer treatment gets turned down. Arizona gets a good kick in the face with reality when Bailey tells the patient’s father to take his child to another hospital where he’ll be able to get better treatment than he can at Seattle Grace. Bailey even goes further as she says she’s going to start shopping around for a new place to work, because she’s done with the hospital. After that, Arizona finally gets on board with trying to buy the hospital.

Meanwhile, Derek gets named the Face Of The Hospital, and he cringes at the huge pictures of him all over the place. He so hates it he gets Ross to start defacing his pictures all over the hospital.

On a personal front Alex seems to be inching towards making a move on Hobo Jo and getting involved with her. Unfortunately, he gets a shock when he learns there’s another doctor on staff Jo is interested in, as he watches her blow him off to go out on a date with the other man.

April’s having her own romantic issues. Matthew asked her out on their first official date. She goes to Jackson for advice on how to explain that she’s been re-virginized and gets upset when Jackson makes a nasty remark. Later, he advises her to hold off telling Matthew about herself until they get to know each other better. On her date with Matthew, he tells her he’s waiting until marriage to have sex and April says it’s the same for her. However, I think Matthew is under the impression that April is untouched. I’m sorry, she can declare herself re-virginized until the cows come home, but you can only lose your virginity once. If Matthew has sex with her, he’s going to find out she’s no virgin.

The doctors hire a professional to help them in their bid to buy the hospital. He informs them their lawsuit winnings won’t be enough money to buy the hospital and they’ll need an investor to help with the funds. He also tells Cristina she can’t tell Owen because he signed a contract with Pegasus Horizons that would force him to tell them what the doctor’s are planning.

Still, Cristina almost tells Owen the truth and he tells her Pegasus Horizons is about to close the deal. To stop that from happening Derek, Meredith, Callie, Arizona and Cristina march into the board meeting and tender their resignations; which effectively stops Pegasus Horizons from buying the hospital.

Owen asks Cahill to try to do her best to salvage the deal, which he yells Cristina’s name outside of her house in the rain, feeling betrayed by her.

I have to say I’ve been disappointed in the direction that Owen and Cristina have been taken. They’ve seemed to have lost a lot of their depth as a couple since they’ve become nothing but bed buddies. It’s basically the same thing they did last season instead of trying to reach some kind of compromise for the issues they have with each other. Sex is nice, but it’s doing nothing to solve the problems as the crux of their relationship. It’s hard to have any interest in a couple that apparently has no future aside from burning up the sheets together.


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