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Grey's Anatomy -- The Girl With No Name

Updated on April 20, 2012

The Residents Go On Job Interviews

The highlights of this episode were the residents being interviewed for jobs at other hospitals, Owen facing his first real test as chief, Richard letting Adele go and a case that could have come from Criminal Minds. Actually, it's a bit similar to a case they had on the show a few weeks back about the boy who escaped the man who was keeping him down in a basement.

Everyone wants Cristina, as she's getting wooed by hospitals all over the country to come and join their team. Teddy doesn't want her to go and tries to talk to Owen to get Cristina to stay, not knowing the state of their relationship. Owen, however, lets Teddy have it after the way she treated him after Henry's death, telling her he's not her friend, he's her boss. If she wants Cristina to stay then she needs to do it herself.

Arizona is another doctor that doesn't want to let her resident go. She's been arranging crappy interviews at crappy hospitals for Karev. He finally gets her to get him a decent interview at Yale. It was a pretty crappy thing to do. It made the guy feel like he wasn't good enough and no one wanted him.

April's interviews aren't going well because of her personality. Yes, other hospitals find her as irritating as I do. If she wants a good job at another hospital she's going to need to tone it down, big time. When she comes full-on April you kind of want to lean back and get some distance between you and her.

Mark isn't happy that Jackson walked out of the interview he set up for him. It seems his family is why hospitals might be interested in him and he wants to do it on his own. It seems to leave a bad taste in his mouth about future interviews with hospitals.

Finally, Meredith kept putting off going to an interview with a prestigious Boston hospital. Both Cristina and Derek supported her and finally she went. She said Boston was the hospital she'd most want to work in. I think it was more about not wanting to leave the nest or let go of the network of people [family] she's found at Seattle Grace.

There's only one patient this week. It's a girl that's brought into the hospital when hikers found her. She has marks on her wrists and ankles. X-rays show she has old broken bones that were never treated. It turns out she's a girl name Holly that was kidnapped years ago.

Holly has a strong effect on both Meredith and Bailey. Meredith forms an emotional bond with her, and not leaving Holly is part of the reason Meredith keeps postponing her Boston interview. Holly confesses to Meredith that her captor wasn't mean to her all the time. He'd let her come out of the basement some times and watch a movie with her. When she sees the same movie she watched with her captor on TV, she actually misses him. Meredith was great with Holly, so I wondered if maybe Meredith might choose psychiatry as her specialty. Although since Meredith loves to be a surgeon, probably not.

Holly also seems to be the living representation of Bailey's worst fears of turning around and finding her son missing. And her fears seem to come to life when she goes to pick him up at the hospital day care center and he's no where to be found. Bailey totally freaks out until an aide brings him back into the room, explaining he was bleeding and she took him to the nurse.

Holly also presents Owen his first real test as chief. He feels he's doing a bad job when the head of psychiatry rips him a new one for not calling her in immediately and allowing a bond to form between Meredith and Holly. Holly's parents also rip into Owen when someone manages to take a picture of Holly in the hall and it gets published in the newspaper. Surprisingly, the person that gives him the most support during this crisis is Cristina. Richard also helps Owen out.

When Owen sees how all these hospitals are sending Cristina gift baskets to try and lure her into joining their hospital it hits him she may be leaving Seattle Grace to go to work in another hospital in another city. Considering the state of their relationship he can't say anything. Strangely enough after last week's devastating episode there seemed the maybe there might still be a little hope for Cristina and Owen. Maybe now they finally got everything they were bottling up out in the open, they can start rebuilding their relationship. It seems like the love is still there on both sides of the relationship.

A relationship that seems to have no hope is Richard and Adele. Bad enough she's got Alzheimer's, she can't remember who Richard is and has fallen in love with another Alzheimer's patient. Richard walks in on them in bed together. When Richard keeps Adele from the man she loves, he finally decides to let her go and to be with this new man she believes she loves. Of course, the big question is what happens if Adele suddenly remembers Richard and wants him back.

Also would a facility really allow Alzheimer's patients to hook up like that when they don't really know what they were doing. If Adele was in full control of her mental faculties, she'd never have hooked up with this guy, Alan. I can't help but wonder if it was done to give Richard carte blanche to have a new relationship of his own.


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