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Grey's Anatomy -- The Hospital Gets A New Owner

Updated on February 25, 2013

Original Airing: February 21, 2013

The doctor’s race against time trying to get Julian Crest to fund their buying of the hospital, as Cahill gets Pegasus Horizons back on board to buying the hospital. Unfortunately, Cahill doesn’t tell Owen that Pegasus Horizons plans to shut the hospital down, strip it bare and lay off everyone that works there. Unfortunately, Brooks aka Mousey overhears Cahill talking about what Pegasus Horizons really has planned for Seattle Grace and she spreads it around like wildfire. When Owen is praising the future the hospital has, Ross accuses him of lying and tells him what Pegasus Horizons really is planning. April has to tell Ross that Owen wasn’t lying; he didn’t know and the big doofus is the one who told him the truth.

The doctors have to go through several intermediary meetings to finally get a meeting with Julian Crest, and he turns them down because none of the doctors have any managerial experience. So they rush out to get Richard on board, while Cristina tells Owen the truth. Owen rushes to the board and convinces them to turn down Pegasus Horizons offer and give the doctors one day to come up with the funding to save Seattle Grace from the death Pegasus Horizons has planned for it. The board agrees. Unfortunately, Crest turns them down even with Richard on board saying he just doesn’t feel it.

All the doctors start mourning the imminent death of the hospital and they make plans for what their future will hold. Arizona talks about her and Callie moving away, and Callie is upset about having to sell Mark’s apartment. Derek is writing letters of recommendation for all the interns. And Bailey reveals she always thought one day she’s become Chief of Surgery there.

Richard ultimately saves his hospital, for no matter whose in charge I always think of that hospital as his baby. He was in bed with Catherine [which I find kind of shocking since Adele didn’t die all that long ago] and he was telling her he didn’t want to retire and what the hospital meant to him. At that point, Catherine decides to get the Harper-Avery foundation to buy the hospital.

Unfortunately, the doctors’ joy about the hospital being saved becomes short-lived, as Catherine announces to Jackson she bought the hospital for him and wants to put Jackson in charge of it. I’m sorry Crest didn’t invest, because I liked the idea of Richard being back in charge of the hospital. That place is his baby and he should be back in charge of it.

On a personal front Edwards is kind of becoming a clingy stalkerish girlfriend, wanting to follow Jackson wherever he goes. From what I’ve seen Jackson and Edwards don’t have any deeper of a relationship than Owen and Cristina do at the moment. In short, they’re just bed buddies. Hardly some great love affair that would make you want to follow some guy to the ends of the earth.


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