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Grey's Anatomy -- The Interns

Updated on December 9, 2012

I learned more than I ever wanted to know about them

This episode centered on the interns, which forced me to memorize their names, when otherwise I wouldn't have.

Brooks get caught up in Derek's hand surgery drama on a personal level. Meredith thinks a live nerve transplant from one of his surgeries would work better. So she had Brooks calling up Derek's sisters. When Derek finds out he gets all up in Brooks' business and demands she call all his sisters back, while Meredith orders her not to. In the process, Brooks discovers Meredith is pregnant which gets her on Meredith's bad side. She finally has enough and tells them to hand their own personal business, as one of Derek's sisters arrives to be a donor for Derek's surgery.

Ross gets paired with April who is really a Dr. Crankypants, probably from having been dumped by Jackson, which was well-deserved. She had him on butt boil duty. Later, when Callie is auditioning interns to pick who'll assist with Derek's surgery, she picks Ross because he's the only person that shows concern for Derek as a patient, and not trying to show how much he knows about the procedure. Ross credits April for getting the surgery and tells her she taught him well. I think Ross is supposed to be the new George.

Wilson is upset because Karev keeps calling her princess. When she physically attacks the mother of a teen about to abandon her baby in the hospital, she tells Karev her sad underprivileged back story. I'm guessing she's supposed to be the new Karev.

The last two interns [only one whose name I caught] seem to be the new Cristina and Meredith aka Edward and Butt-Chin. Edwards seems to be the new Cristina and Butt-Chin the new Meredith. They keep competing with each other to do surgeries with Cristina. Their competition gets so out of hand, they nearly kill a patient. Of the two, Edwards came off more likable when she felt bad for these two parents with sick children who developed a friendship that was tested when the woman's daughter was knocked off the transplant list for the man's son. All Butt-Chin cared about was getting surgeries with no sympathy for any of the patients or their families.

We didn't get much new developments on the core characters we actually care about. After asking Cristina for a divorce, Owen stopped in while Cristina was performing surgery and agreed with the interns that Cristina was amazing. Callie and Derek are preparing for Derek's hand surgery. Meredith is trying to keep her pregnancy a secret because she believes she'll have a miscarriage like last time.

It was kind of a throwaway episode. If you missed it, you really wouldn't have missed anything. The only real development was Derek's sister showing up at the end of the show. Otherwise all the characters we care about are pretty much status quo from the last episode we saw them in.

I know the residents need interns to teach, but most of these interns are pretty forgettable. If they'd have been the core characters when the show started, it would have been cancelled the first season.


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