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Grey's Anatomy -- The McBaby Is Born Amidst Heartbreak And Tragedy

Updated on May 18, 2013

Original Airing: May 16, 2013

I saw a lot of whining from viewers of the finale but most of them seemed to be shippers that were upset because their couple hit the skids and they were vowing never to watch again. I actually enjoyed every minute of it and thought it was a good finale. However the final moments made me want to kill Shondra Rimes. All I’m saying is he’d better not be dead. She whacked off enough cast members this season. Enough already.

Arizona was like a cat who’d just done her business in the litter box and couldn’t get away from the smell she left behind fast enough. However, her litter mate wasn’t like-minded. In her haste, Arizona put on her bedmates scrub top instead of her own and when Callie saw Arizona’s wedding ring hanging off of the scrub top Lauren was wearing, she knew which way the wind was blowing and didn’t like the stench she was smelling, at all.

As Owen bid Ethan goodbye, Cristina finally tackled the elephant in the room. She called Owen on wanting his own child, and wasn’t buying the denials that came shooting out of his mouth. Later, Cristina told Owen the joy she gets operating in the OR and she asks if she gives him that same joy? She compares how Derek gets joy watching Zola. She feels one day Owen will look at her and hate her for depriving him of what he really wants. In short, Cristina ended things with Owen, knowing they want different things that are diametrically opposed to each other.

In neo-natal, the lights go out and the incubators begin to run out of their juice when the batteries go dead. They look for back-up batteries in the supply room and find none. Something tells me that’s because April gave them all away and supplies hadn’t been inventoried since she did it. If they had, they would have been replaced and an investigation would have been launched in just where all the stuff missing went to. It gets so bad the parents are taught how to bag their babies to keep them breathing.

Bailey chokes before performing surgery on James Strickland and Richard takes over. He has to call Cristina in on it, even though she balks at performing surgery in the dark. When she can’t find where the patient’s heart is leaking, Richard has everyone turn off their flashlights and tells Cristina to listen so she can find out where the leak is and it works. Later, Cristina says Richard helped to make her a better surgeon.

A bus flips over and catches on fire right outside the ER as the storm continues to rage outside. Owen and Jackson go to help evacuate survivors. When a little girl is trapped inside, Jackson tries to save her, as the bus gets perilously close to exploding. April freaks when she thinks Jackson was killed when the bus explodes. Jackson is fine and he rescued the child. April starts hitting him, calling him an idiot, for risking his life that way. Later, she tells Jackson he’s the only she wants and she won’t marry Matthew if he gives her a reason not to. What set my teeth on edge about what she said was if Jackson doesn’t give her a reason, it sounds like she’s going to marry Matthew, when the one she really wants is Jackson. How is that fair to Matthew? If she knows she really wants Jackson, the decent thing would be to break things off with Matthew, not keep him on the string in case Jackson won’t give her a reason to call things off with him.

When Callie confronted Arizona about cheating on her, Arizona railed at Callie for cutting off her leg. She also belittled what Callie felt she lost in the plane crash. Maybe she was pissed because Callie put Mark before her. You know what? Callie shouldn’t have cut off Arizona’s leg. No, she should have left it on and Arizona would be dead now and she wouldn’t have just cheated on Callie. What doesn’t this twit get about this? Her leg was infected, it had to be cut-off or she would have died. If it hadn’t been cut off she’d be dead now. Frankly, I would have preferred Arizona had been the one to croak and Mark to be the one who lived. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened, so suck it up, Arizona.

The big medical case was Meredith. Her doctor said she had to have a C-section in the dark, because the baby’s face was pressing against the birth canal and would die if born by natural child birth. Everything seems to go fine and the baby was born healthy. Meredith asked Derek to stay with the baby, while her doctor had to go to tend to another case and Ross closed up. And that’s where things started to go wrong. Meredith started to bleed internally and she realized it was from her injury from falling down the stairs. Meredith instructed Ross on how to fix the problem, while Brooks ran to get Bailey. Bailey had no choice but to operate or Meredith would die. Washing her hands extra long and donning two pairs of rubber gloves, Bailey performed the surgery and saved her life.

Afterwards, Bailey went looking for Richard to apologize to him for the way she’d treated him. Earlier, Richard had gone down to find out why the repairman hadn’t gotten the back-up generator going. He found the man sitting in a puddle of water with the snapping of an electric cable nearby. The minute I saw that scene, I knew what Rimes was going to do, she’s that predictable. The man had a heart attack and Richard got him help. As he was being taken away, the man told Richard all he had to do was flip the switch to make the power come back on. When Richard did he got electrocuted.

Despite the name of the show being Grey’s Anatomy, Richard is the foundation of this show. Even though Richard’s nepotistic lover put her son in charge, Richard is the rock that keeps that hospital going. Rimes better hope she doesn’t cross my path if she kills off Richard, because I would grab whatever is nearest and lob it right at this slag.

When the new season begins the board needs to go over everything Pegasus did to the hospital when they were going to buy it and get rid of it. It was ridiculous Bailey had to go postal on the medicine cart because it wouldn't open with a key. Then there was the cheap gloves that caused three patients death and made Bailey doubt herself as a doctor. And before that was having organ donations fly cheaply without escort.


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