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Grey's Anatomy -- The Nomination

Updated on April 20, 2014

Will Cristina's dreams of winning the Harper-Avery come true?

The Harper-Avery is the Academy Awards for doctors and Cristina has got Meredith sitting up with her to see if she gets the call that she's been nominated. She finally gets the call and that sets off a whole plethora of emotions from those who surrounding her.

Richard is happy for Cristina and it makes him reflect on when Ellis won. And anything that gets him thinking of Ellis makes him happy. He's made further happy when Leah wonders if the Chief knows where there's a picture of Ellis winning the award and he just so happens to have one right with him.

Ross feels that Cristina's nomination is his nomination. Edwards gets so sick of his bragging and braying she calls, "Swap monkey," every time he has a better job than she has. She actually gets pretty annoying and makes me wish anew it was her instead of Leah that wouldn't be back next season.

Callie plays the justification game in that she will get nominated for a Harper-Avery some day, her time just hasn't come, yet. She gets tested in Derek's brainwave machine or whatever it is and it keeps saying she isn't happy. It only says she's happy when Meredith comes in with Bailey. From that, Callie decides she wants to have another baby. Arizona goes along with it but balks when Callie assumes she'll be the one to get pregnant. However, when they toss a coin to decide who it'll be, Arizona says she doesn't want to do it. It's too bad none of Mark's swimmers aren't frozen, cause Callie pregnant by anyone but Mark just seems wrong.

Meredith admits to Derek she's jealous of Cristina's nomination, but she's doing a good job to hide it. She's acting happy for Cristina and she's being supportive. She even plans a champagne toast for Cristina.

Of course, Bailey is the bitterest Bitter Betty of them all. Ross has to sit in the lab with her as she bitches about Cristina being nominated. She won't even congratulate Cristina herself and tells Meredith to do it. And in one of the pettiest and small moments you've seen on this show she even screws Meredith over and steals a surgery from her.

Meredith has a patient who is getting a kidney transplant from a friend, but the friend comes to her wanting to back out. To protect the friendship Meredith lies about their being a mistake in the test results. Then the friend changes his mind again and wants to be a kidney donor so Meredith makes the mistake of going to Bailey for help, not realizing what a bitter hag Bailey is and that she'll screw her over to get petty revenge on Meredith as a surrogate for who she really wants revenge against: Cristina. So Bailey proceeds to make Meredith's patient think Meredith is an incompetent doctor, and immediately feels all happy with herself. Cause that makes up for the fact that Cristina is a better doctor than Bailey is and she handled her PTSD better than Bailey handled hers.

Don't worry, Bailey. The minute the Harper-Avery foundation has an award for the biggest psycho of the year or most pathetic loser, you'll be a shoo-in to win those awards. While operating on the kidney transplant with Richard, he tells her that her bad attitude is bringing him down and to take it else where. During this conversation Bailey comes up with an idea on how to treat Bubble Boy and if it works I'm sure she's thinking she'll get a nomination next year for the Harper-Avery.

Shonda Rimes has kind of outdone herself. She's had a multi-episode arc with Bubble Boy and the Heart Failure Kids. Kind of sounds like a new boy band, doesn't it?

Bubble Boy is this really annoying and stupid kid with a hickey on his forehead. That's what it looks like. And I call him stupid cause the little dink knows if he doesn't stay inside his bubble he'll die, so what does he do? He breaks out of it and runs around a disease-laden hospital. If Bailey doesn't find a cure for him, I won't exactly be crying any tears over it.

Then there's the Heart Failure kids who are all having some kind of heart problem. I wasn't paying attention to closely, but I don't think they explained why all these kids have the same problems. I'm guessing it's something genetic. If these people aren't attacking Cristina for not being a good enough doctor then they're sucking up to her. The mother took the cake in the latest episode bitching about her husband not giving her a break from the hospital. Seriously, if your three kids are having heart problems, would you really want to be away from the hospital? There's kind of a tie for which are the most annoying: The Heart Failure Family of Bubble Boy.

Speaking of dinks, Richard knows Meredith has two small children at home, but foists an all-nighter on Meredith so he can probably go off on a bootie call with Catherine Avery. As a result, Meredith tells Derek he needs to take care of the kids. Unfortunately, at the same time, Owen is calling out Derek for neglecting his hospital duties for his White House project, so Derek has to do surgeries to teach the residents.

Ben is one of them, but he sleeps through the surgery cause he's so exhausted. Meanwhile, Leah makes a mistake that nearly brain damages a patient. Derek is actually good with her and says to remember what she did so she doesn't do it again.

Lucky for Meredith and Derek that Callie and Arizona takes the kids, although Bailey is the only kid that's shown. Zola has kind of become the invisible child lately. When Derek and Meredith finally catch up with each other Derek says something has to give. I'm betting he's going to want Meredith to do the giving, but I think it should be Derek as he's the one who can't even keep up with his hospital duties until he's called on the carpet and has to squeeze them in in the middle of the night. In short, maybe Derek should drop this White House stuff.

Alex reveals to Meredith and Cristina he's moonlighting in a private practice and thinking of joining it. As a result he's exhausted, too. He still hasn't told Arizona and for good reason. Last time he said he might join Johns Hopkins she pulled him off the plane and got herself in a plane crash. Lord only knows what the woman will pull next. She may also play the guilt card claiming it's all his fault she lost her leg, when it's really all her own fault.

Meanwhile a deaf woman who is against her daughter having a cochlear implant sets off fireworks between Jackson and April when April makes it all about herself. She starts thumping her bible and the fact Jackson doesn't share her faith and yips and yaps about what happens when they have children. I was seriously wanting Jackson to throw in the Holy Hypocrites face where does God stand on her marrying a man she wasn't really in love with cause the one she really wants rejected her. Or propositioning another man while engaged to someone else? To paraphrase Leah, April's faith is fluid. She ends up landing on Arizona and Callie's doorstep apparently having walked out on Jackson. Typical immature April.

Finally, Owen and Meredith surprise Cristina by showing up at the Harper-Avery award. Cristina claimed she wanted to be there alone, but then she regretted it and wanted both of them there. Through this whole thing Owen has really been the only one genuinely happy for Cristina without any twisted emotions muddying the waters.

As it turns out Meredith's voice over predicted what would happen. She said her mother never thought she'd win the award because she was a woman and not liked. That was juxtaposed against Cristina telling Owen how sure she was she would win. In fact, she almost stood up when Catherine Avery announced the winner, only the winner wasn't Cristina. The question is will losing play some role in why Cristina leaves when Sandra Oh leaves the show?


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