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Grey's Anatomy -- The Settlement

Updated on October 18, 2012

The airline wanted to settle with the victims of the plane crash, claiming it could be a long time before they ever figure out why the plane crashed. And it was a huge settlement. Derek, however, was bothered by the overly generous settlement offer. It reminded him of when the hospital settled with a large settlement offer because they were guilty. He goes to the hangar where the remains of the plane are being stored. He remembers everything they all went through. When it comes time to make his decision, he refuses to settle and says he thinks they have to find out why their plane crashed so it doesn't happen again to someone else.

Cristina and Owen are keeping in touch by phone, but Cristina eventually tells Owen they have to stop doing this and let go of each other. At the hospital, Cristina convinces her boss to let her return to work, but she gets stuck with Dr. Thomas, again. Something strange happens along the way. She become impressed by his signature surgery move. They even bond when he reveals he was in a plane crash, himself, but he was the only one to survive. One of the best pairings this season as been Cristina and Dr. Thomas. Thomas is an older version of Cristina or she's a younger version of him.

April returns and announces to Jackson she's re-virginizing herself. She also believes Owen coming and bringing her back to Seattle Grace is a sign from God. Jackson takes the whole re-virginizing thing as a sign she's trying to pretend what happened between them never happened. Jackson asks if she wants to get married, because he's not ready for that. That promo was totally misleading. He wasn't asking her to marry him; quite the opposite. He also says he doesn't think she's ready to be married either. They agree they should stay away from each other for awhile, however, that's ruined when they start kissing.

Things aren't going well for Callie and Arizona. Arizona is still blaming her for making the decision to cut off her leg. She still fails to understand that Callie had no choice, because if her leg hadn't been taken she would have died. When Callie comes home from work she finds Arizona sitting on the bathroom floor. She thought she could go to the bathroom herself but she fell and she's sitting there in her own urine. Despite Arizona trying to fight her off, Callie puts her under the show, and breaks down, saying this is her life now, too. I don't know if that breakdown was enough to get through to Arizona. She's so trapped in her own feeling and misery she may not be able to look outside herself to what she's putting Callie through.

Meanwhile, Bailey's having a case of Empty Nest Syndrome. Although initially it doesn't seem that way, as she complains about having to share the Attending Lounge with the residents. When Richard finds her scrubbing up the filthy microwave, it all comes out. She feels like everyone is moving on and leaving her behind. Tuck let go of her hand, her ex-husband is remarrying and Ben is busy with his own thing. Richard tells Bailey this is actually a good thing. They're no longer holding her back and she can go out there and make her own new discoveries.

Although Callie was the most enthusiastic of everyone to take the settlement, when she hears Derek's reasoning for not taking it, she agrees. As does everyone else, and the settlement is rejected.

It does make you wonder what really caused the plane to crash. They never showed how it happened. And the fact the airline was so anxious to offer a settlement makes you wonder if they suspect it's their fault it happened.


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