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Grey's Anatomy -- The Silent Treatment

Updated on May 4, 2013

Original Airing: May 2, 2013

Bailey has locked herself in her lab and refuses to come out. Richard is covering for her, as she refuses to see any patients. And she’s giving the silent treatment to everyone and won’t speak to them.

The Ethan mess continued as Cristina racked her brain for some way to get his father to wake-up. She found a treatment that might work, only it didn’t. He still remains in a coma and it doesn’t look as if he’ll be coming out of it. Matters get worse when Ethan goes home with his grandmother and while she’s asleep he takes an overdose of her sleeping pills and social services gets called in. His grandmother thinks Ethan might be better off if social services takes him because she’s just too old to take care of him properly.

Cristina finally addresses the elephant in the room and says Owen wants a child. He kisses her and says he wants her. Cristina doesn’t seem convinced. The problem is Owen wants both: Cristina and a child. He’s going to have to choose and since he’ll probably become Ethan’s foster parent, it’s probably going to mean the end of Owen and Cristina, just as she predicted, last week.

Karev is trying to avoid Hobo Jo. She tries to patch things up with him, but only it seems to get back on his service. He finally blows his top and tells her off. As he and Jackson are leaving the hospital to get a drink, he sees her and Jason arguing. When he comes home, he finds her waiting for him on his porch and her face looks beaten up. Did her perfect boyfriend Jason do that to her?

Callie and Arizona may be headed for some trouble. A new doctor at the hospital named Lauren has taken a shine to Arizona, and Arizona looks like she may be attracted to her, as well.

When Callie pushes Richard to do something to make Bailey crack the ice, he says he’s the one who betrayed her most of all. He does, however, call Ben and get him to come and see Bailey. She completely breaks down with him. She’s done dozens of tests on her hands for MRSA and they’ve all come up negative. She says her hands feel dirty and she can’t get over that feeling. She also doesn’t know how she can trust them to get near a patient after she’s responsible for the death of three of her patients.

April apologizes to Jackson for trying to blame him for everything that’s wrong with her life. They work together on a case where a party girl has to have her stomach removed because one of the drinks she drank had nitro in it and blew away half her stomach. Afterwards, she asks Jackson to go out for drinks with her, but he blows her off and she says she should go see Matthew, anyway.

The freak of the week case was about a magician who was sawing his assistant in half with a chainsaw and he really almost sawed her body in half. Brooks wants to ditch Derek’s case to work on that case. So much for Derek being her mentor. She tells Ross how lucky he is to be working on the sawed in half lady. So maybe he won’t feel so crestfallen about Derek dumping him for Brooks.

There was a cute scene at the end with Derek and Meredith having a tea party with Zola. The patient he had this week was a little girl with a monster for a brother. I actually thought the kid my have ADHD. Derek freaked the kid out by telling him he should watch how he treats his sister cause he put magic in his head. Brooks frightens the kid even further by saying Derek put a vampire in her head. Anyway, Derek was worried that their future McBaby would be a little monster like that kid was, but Meredith assured him Zola would handle him just fine.

I don’t know what Bailey’s going to do. She’s one of the best doctors at the hospital, and now she’s responsible for three patients’ deaths. Yes, it was faulty gloves that didn’t protect them from contracting her MRSA, but she still had MRSA and didn’t know it. How can she trust herself to go near another patient?

MRSA is actually a big problem. When I worked in a nursing home, a lot of patients would spend sometime in the hospital and come back infected with MRSA. There was also another one I think that was called VRE. Maybe Bailey could instigate mandatory tests on staff for MRSA contamination. We still don’t know how Bailey contracted it. She was walking around with it on her hands and she didn’t even know about it.

The fact is any doctor could have done the same thing. They could have been exposed to MRSA and unknowingly infected their patients. Relying on gloves that may or maybe be reliable doesn’t seem enough. Since MRSA is a problem, hospitals should really just do mandatory tests on their staff periodically to make sure they haven’t been exposed to it.


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