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Grey's Anatomy -- The Sink Hole

Updated on September 23, 2011

Sometimes The Doctors Repulse Me

The last time the doctors repulsed me so much it was when they were having a contest for having the worst cases to win something I don't even recall. Izzy was the worst as she tried to convince a man without nothing really wrong with him that he had a serious illness. Disgusting.

I thought Bailey was above those types of things, but this time she was the instigator. The victim was a woman who fell through a sink hole and had to have part of her leg cut off. Bailey decided since the interns were all messing up and generally not pleased that April got named to the prized position to use this poor woman as a guinea pig for them to see which one came out the leader and saved the woman's life. Watching these petty twits bicker while this poor woman who had already suffered so much life was hanging in the balance while the rest of the doctors looked on,like ghouls placing bets on which intern would emerge the leader was revolting. I was wishing the woman's husband would have found out and sued their butts off.

Speaking of the husband, he served to help Owen come to terms with the fact that Christina wanted to abort their baby. Meredith also did her bit trying to compare her own mother and Christina and how miserable it was to be raised by a woman who never wanted her. So Owen went with Christina and stayed with her as she had her abortion. Next time, Christina, take your birth control pill in the morning and just avoid it. Or better yet, since you never want children, go get your tubes tied. If you don't want to have children, then take the necessary medical actions you need so you never get pregnant. If a man didn't want kids, he'd have a vasectomy. So schedule that medical procedure next.

Derek spent most of the episode behaving like a dick to Meredith. He couldn't seem to understand that she was trying to help the Chief's wife. Of course, any sympathy I had for Meredith evaporated when she was fired and she wouldn't leave the hospital. She even tried to take care of a patient. Ultimately, the Chief sacrificed himself for Meredith by claiming he was the one who messed with Derek's Alzheimer's trial and Meredith got reinstated. Meredith also kidnapped Zola and hid out in the hospital when the social worker found out Derek walked out on Meredith and she'd gotten fired. Of course, Christina got Karev to cover and lie for Meredith to make the social worker think Meredith didn't kidnap Zola. The social worker still took Zola away as she decided to investigate matters further because of Meredith's initial lies to her. The social worker, not being a member of the Meredith Grey fan club, decided not to cover for Meredith's lies.

Everyone hated Karev for ratting out Meredith, but after Christina accidentally injected him with something that sent him into cardiac arrest and he saved a child, all seemed to be forgiven. You know, they could have him castrated as he saved a bus load of children and I still wouldn't like Karev. I've never liked him because the actor plays the part in such a nasty manner. I still wish they had killed off Karev instead of George. Yes, George could be an unlikable jerk at times, but he was less unlikable than Karev always has been and always will be.

And thus starts up another season of Grey's Anatomy.


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