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Grey's Anatomy -- The Unkindest Cut Of All

Updated on October 6, 2013

McBaby -- 1 Mer-Der -- 0

While Derek and Meredith didn't have too much trouble adjusting to Zola, The McBaby is bringing them down. The McBaby doesn't like to sleep and he doesn't like for his parents to sleep, either. As a result, Derek and Meredith are being very sleep deprived. Adding to the problems is Meredith is still recovering from surgery. Meredith complains to Cristina via the phone because Derek admitted while doing the grocery shopping he fell asleep. Meredith wants to know when she gets to sleep as she falls asleep on the kitchen floor.

Things aren't going well for Richard's recovery. He can't swallow without choking so he can't take in nourishment. Ross wants to put in a feeding tube, but both Richard and Bailey are against it. When Meredith finds out that Richard is literally starving to death she brings The McBaby with her to take matters into her own hands. Ross tells Richard that why doesn't he save Meredith the trauma of having to insert the feeding tube herself and to let him do it. He does, however, he takes it out on Meredith when she comes to see him.

Any warm and fuzzy feelings Meredith is having for Richard thinking he chose her to make medical decisions for him because he thinks of her as a daughter are ruined. He tells her he's not her father and he only chose her because he thought she'd have the guts to let him die. After that, Meredith wants nothing to do with him.

Jo is on a constant state of ready to launch wearing her most sexiest underwear under her scrubs waiting for Karev to make his move. Meanwhile Karev has got a case of performance anxiety and wants the moment to be perfect. Jo decides since she's on her last pair of clean sexy underwear and apparently since she couldn't like wash her clothes it's now or never.

Arizona seems to think getting a haircut, putting on a tight red dress and going to couple counseling in the answer to her infidelity. Yeah, it's a scary dark place inside of her head. Ultimately, Callie decides not to go to couple counseling with Arizona because she doesn't want to sit there and hear her talk about why she cheated. The fact is Arizona is the one with the problem. She can't assimilate into her teeny little brain that Callie had the choice of letting her die or giving the order to take off her leg. In short, she had no choice. Arizona's the one who needs major time on a shrink's couch to get herself together before she even attempts to try and put back together the mess she's made of her relationship with Callie.

Earlier Callie had to deal with the infidelity issue in a whole different way. Her patient made Leah promise to tell her husband that she slept with his brother if he died. And she died. At first, Callie was pushing Leah to tell him the truth, but in the end she told Leah there was no point and to keep it to herself.

The whole infidelity thing reminded me of George Michael's Careless Whisper which is probably the best written song about cheating and telling you cheated. Callie told Arizona she wishes she didn't know what she did.

Time can never mend.

The careless whispers of a good friend.

To the heart and mind

Ignorance is kind.

There's no comfort in the truth.

Pain is the hurt you find.

Cheating and telling isn't about the person that got cheated on, it's all about the cheater. You cheated because you wanted someone else and you then tell you cheated so you don't have to feel guilty. Both are acts of selfishness and putting your wants and needs first and foremost.

The woman who died wanting her husband to be told she cheated with his own brother if she died was a supreme act of selfishness. In an attempt to die with a clear conscience she didn't care if she destroyed her husband's relationship with his brother just when he would need his brother most to help with the grief of losing his wife. It wasn't about any form of love or caring for her husband. It was all about herself.

And Jackson got over his mad with April and kept her spirits up as she waited to hear if she passed her boards. And she did. She's officially a doctor. I guess they'll never bring up the fact of how she stole hospital supplies and possibly was responsible for a lot of the problems the hospital faced in regards during supplies during the storm.

Finally, Owen was getting really frustrated with the board in general and Jackson in particular. The hospital got damaged in the storm and none of the board wanted to deal with it. Jackson proved he has no business being in charge when he saw the damage and all he wanted to do was do his pro bono surgery. Owen had to trick them all in the end to doing their job.

Finally, Cristina and Owen are having a hard time adjusting to their new hands-off relationship. Cristina hopes in time things will get better and she won't be afraid to touch Owen casually and to have it turn into wanting to have sex with him.

On a side note, my favorite friendship at present is Cristina and Karev. They have a kind of sibling relationship with her always giving him a hard time about his love life. What I really like is I haven't seen any shippers trying to ship then even though Cristina crawled in bed with Karev. Imagine that a woman crawls in bed with a man and everyone actually sees them as friends and that a man and woman can be friendships without trying to turn it into something sexual.

PS: If there are actually shippers trying to ship a romance between Alex and Cristina, please don't tell me. Let me live in my ignorant bliss that one male/female relationship is accepted as a friendship without trying to make it sexual.


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