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Grey's Anatomy -- The Wedding

Updated on December 15, 2012

Bailey's wedding day is ebbing closer and closer and she's still not that into it. Even Cristina showed more enthusiasm when she was about to marry Owen and she was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder at the time. I don't think she really wants to marry him. There's a big difference between having cold feet and just not being into it.

Derek's sister, Lizzie, makes it clear she doesn't like Meredith and blames Meredith for the fact they've [Derek's family] have been cut out of their lives. They weren't at their wedding and they haven't met Zola, yet, and it's all Meredith's fault. Meredith usually has quite the mouth on her and she should have told her if Derek hasn't kept the family up-to-date, blame Derek.

In the case of not being invited to Derek and Meredith's wedding, it was pretty impromptu and they only made it legal to adopt Zola. In the end, Meredith reveals to Lizzie she's pregnant and shows her a picture of her ultrasound and all is well between them.

Derek finally has his hand surgery, even though he didn't like that nerves from both of Lizzie's legs would be used. Now he's waiting to see if it worked. Derek made it clear to Callie that whatever happens he's not going to blame her.

Jackson and April don't want to attend Bailey's wedding alone, so they enlist the interns as their dates. April asks Ross to be her escort, while Jackson takes Edwards [who has a crush on him.] He also arranges for Edwards to get a date for Karev. Bad luck it's Wilson.

Karev offered to let Wilson perform surgery with him and she choked. Then she went running to Arizona to get Karev in trouble, claiming he'd set her up to fail. This got Arizona on Karev's back, and he had to explain he was just doing what she did for him when he was an intern. Karev then confronted Wilson and warned her if she pulls the crap on any other doctor that she did with him none of them will touch her with a ten foot pole.

Actually, April may have some competition for Jackson. When Edwards is out of his white hospital coat and takes off her glass, turns out she's a knock-out. She's actually prettier and hotter than April.

Derek tells Meredith the reason Owen asked Cristina for a divorce was because of the lawsuit. Of course, Meredith goes right to Cristina, thinking Cristina knows, and wanting to know why Cristina didn't tell her. Cristina's answer is because she didn't know. Cristina finally confronts Owen about it and he says it was his decision to cut costs by using a cheaper airliner. Owen reveals he thought she was dead and it was all his fault. He also says Cristina had made it clear she'd left their marriage a long time ago, so he decided to make it legal.

Later, as both Owen and Cristina are preparing to leave for Bailey's wedding, Cristina decides to take a risk and open up to Owen. She tells him when they met at the firehouse she was going to ask him if he wanted to give their marriage another chance. That's all Owen needs to hear as he pushes Cristina up against the door and begins to kiss her passionately.

As Arizona gets ready for the wedding, she starts lamenting about not being able to wear high heels. This causes Callie to finally blow her top and say she's sick to death of Arizona's whining about her leg and to just suck it up. She feels horrible, afterwards, but it gives Arizona the kick in the butt she needed.

As it turns out, Arizona may have been lamenting about nothing, as the bride doesn't show up at the wedding. Ben hears Callie say she was joking with Bailey about being a runaway bride when Bailey wasn't that enthusiastic about the wedding.

As it turns out, Bailey didn't run. Richard showed up in a limo to drive Bailey to the church, when her mother was driving her nuts. On the way there Richard got a call that Adele was brought into the ER vomiting blood. When the attending won't let Richard attend Adele and Richard is arguing with him about Adele's care, Bailey strips off her wedding gown and takes over Adele's case.

I kind of didn't feel anything about Adele. It's just that the whole story with Adele sleeping with a fellow patient and then Richard getting involved with Catherine Avery, just kind of ruined the whole tragedy of Richard and Adele. Now I kind of don't feel anything about Adele being rushed into the ER.

After this whole mess is over, Bailey is going to have to sit down and decide what she really wants. Does she really want to marry Ben? Once the afterglow wears off for Owen and Cristina they're going to need to work through the issues that nearly got them to divorce court. And with Owen and Cristina reconciled, this could really complicate the lawsuit. Will they still go through with the divorce to help the lawsuit?


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