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Grey's Anatomy -- Trick Or Treat?

Updated on November 1, 2013

It's Halloween and the staff of the hospital are getting their own version of Trick or Treat.

Leah waked up naked in bed with an equally naked Arizona. She tries to sneak out and assures she won't make more out of it than it is. When she gets to work she gets a trick. A patient another patient claims is a zombie takes a bite out of her neck. Now she has to worry about contracting Hepatitis or HIV. When Arizona finds out she tells her the first time she got stuck with a needle. All turns out when the patient is clean. So what started out as a trick became a treat.

Callie decides she's going to skip going to Meredith's Halloween party when she and Arizona get into it over which Halloween costume Sophia wants to wear. After a patient tells her not to miss a moment while they're still young, Callie changes her mind and shows up to be with her daughter.

Cristina is upset when Meredith doesn't invite her to her Halloween party. She gives her a belated invite and asks her to bring cupcakes. But when Cristina arrives and see all the parents and kids having a good time she quietly leaves. But all isn't lost. Thanks to Owen, she gets a treat. The patient being labelled a zombie has all his organs in the wrong place, which is a serious turn-on for Cristina and she even has to coax Owen through the surgery on the man.

Unfortunately she ends the night in a bar with Ross sharing the seat next to her. That's the unkindest trick of them all.

The thing that seems to be helping in Richard's recovery most is using his condition to teach the interns. Unfortunately, Bailey keeps getting in the way of that. Richard wants one of the interns to perform his surgery and she stalks them one by one finding excuses why they're out of the running, because she wants to do the surgery herself. Richard finally has enough of her antics and fires her from his case.

It only gets better for Bailey when she gets home and Ben is there. He tells her he's quitting his surgery program and wants to come home to Seattle because he misses Bailey. Most women would consider that a treat, but not Bailey. She gives Ben a trick right back by telling him she's disappointed in him. More than likely she's taking her upset over Richard kicking her off his case out on her husband.

Meanwhile Richard summons Meredith to his room. This is the first time they've been alone in a room together since he told her she wasn't his family. He apologizes to her for what he said. There's a bit of a question if it's truly sincere, since he's only doing it to get Meredith to do what he wants. He had plenty of time to apologize but didn't until he wanted something from Meredith. Needless to say even if it is sincere Meredith doesn't forgive easily. You can just ask Cristina on that score. He asks her to help him teach the interns.

So Richard has kicked Bailey in the face twice and betrayed her in her eyes and he's once again using Meredith to get what he wants. Chief needs to get next to himself a develop a nicer personality.

Meredith delays heading home to her Halloween party to do Richard's surgery with Hobo Jo the winner of the Intern Sweepstake. She tries to tell Meredith about Karev's father being back, but Meredith doesn't want to hear it. At the end of the hour Jo dresses in a Halloween costume and trick or treats at Karev's door and gets him to forgive her.

Karev as your boyfriend is kind of the unkindest trick of all. He's just a dick as a boyfriend. I hated that Izzy got involved with him and I never saw the charm of their relationship. And he really was an immature jerk blaming Jo for the fact he took a DNA test to find out if the guy was his father and then began stalking him and got his wittle feelings hurt cause the guy had another family and that's the one he actually feels bad about leaving. Karev needs to put on his big boy pants and take responsibility for his own actions.

Apparently before he left the hospital Karev spread the wealth and made one of his patients father feel like he was a bad dad. Yeah, he's definitely one of those people that if he's miserable he wants everyone else around him to be miserable, as well.

Ross had his own trick to deal with. A homeless woman with two different colored eyes who wanted to see Brooks. Seems Brooks was treating her for free. Ross says he'll do the same for her from now on.

I know this story was supposed to show how Ross is still haunted by Brooks, but I really haven't seen any evidence of it. After initially being upset when it happened he hasn't seemed to display any guilt about the situation unless something Brooks crops up. Otherwise he kind of forgets all about it. In fact, Cristina praising him for being a shark seems to have helped him put it in that term. What he did to Brooks was what a shark would do, so he's a shark and that's okay.

I actually thought they'd have him manning up and telling what he did, which would be the more healthy thing to do. But apparently that's not where this story is going.

Finally, Edwards had Lasix surgery on her eyes so she won't have to wear glasses. Unfortunately, she won't stay home the required time to recuperate and comes to work even though she's bumping into everything. Thanks to her antics she gets a case of eye strain and thinks her career is over because she can't see well.

Seriously, that the hospital allowed her anywhere near patients was a malpractice suit waiting to happen. Jackson should have pulled rank and told her she couldn't come back to work until she could see properly.


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