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Grey's Anatomy -- Under New Management

Updated on March 16, 2013

Original Airing: March 14, 2013

There were a lot of angry people adjusting to the new hospital. The doctors who tried to buy the hospital were angry that Jackson had more voting power than they did. A lot of the nurses left and weren’t coming back, causing the hospital to be running on a skeleton crew. And doctor’s like Alex felt betrayed because they weren’t let in on the plan. And that was just the beginning.

The first meeting between Jackson and the Crash Victim Survivors turned ugly when he announced the Harper-Avery Foundation wanted Owen fired. Cristina told Owen what was in the wind, and he angrily confronted Jackson. Then Owen and Derek got into it. Owen said this was his fault for bankrupting the hospital with the lawsuit and Derek said it was Owen’s fault for picking the airline. Then Owen brought up how Derek lied to him and he and the other doctor’s quit, while he worked his butt off trying to keep the hospital together. Tired and fed up, Owen told Jackson he quits.

Cristina had two patients needing heart transplants who were neighbors that hated each other and their conflict seemed to echo what was going on with Owen and Derek. One old man was getting a new heart, and the man’s old heart could be used to put in the other man, since it was functioning 80% and the man’s current heart was only functioning 10%, but he wanted no part of the man in his body.

Cristina’s words of wisdom actually managed to settle the dispute not only between the two Grumpy Old Men, but Owen and Derek, as well. Cristina asked Derek point-blank what his problem is and why he can’t forgive Owen, who already blames himself for what happened. This causes Derek to realize he’s taking his anger out on Owen, because the person he’s really mad at is Mark for going and dying on him. Owen and Derek make-up and Owen agrees to return to the hospital.

Meanwhile, without Owen at the hospital, the place is completely falling apart. And it’s not helping since Jackson isn’t stepping up to the plate and acting like the leader. When he overhears Richard arguing with his mother that she foisted a position on Jackson he might not be ready for, and if he fails at it it’s going to ruin his entire career. Afterwards, Jackson takes charge. He also ignores what the Harper-Avery Foundation wants and rehires Owen, as well as renaming the hospital to The Grey Sloan Hospital in honor of Lexie and Mark.

Bailey tries to warn Jackson that because of all the money-saving protocol Pegasus put into action they needed to change it. Jackson basically blew Bailey off until it came back to bite him in the butt. When Meredith and Hobo Jo went to collect a kidney for a transplant they found out it got sent out on a plane by coach and unescorted, meaning anything could happen to damage the kidney before it arrived. Bailey basically tells Jackson she told him so about Pegasus. They put that procedure in effect to save money. She also reveals she did a hernia operation her way, not the way Pegasus wanted all hernia operations to be done.

Jackson throws out all of Pegasus’ procedures and announces they’re going to reopen the ER again.

Finally, April has an ALS patient she knows who’s a doctor who wants to be taken off life support to bring about a cardiac death so his organs can be used to save other people’s lives. She tries to stop it from happening and the doctor fires her. Finally, she comes to terms with what he wants to do. She even has to pry his mother off his body after he dies because they only have five minutes to remove the organs so they’ll be viable.

So, everything seems to be at peace for the moment. However, after this, I really hope Richard and Catherine call it a day. She’s too much of a nepotist for my taste, and she really did the dirty on Richard by what she pulled with the hospital.


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