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Grey's Anatomy -- What Really Happened

Updated on October 4, 2012

The Rescue and the Aftermath

This miserable show made me cry for Mark again.

It took four days for the plane crash victims to be rescued. We see what happened when each survivor got rescued. It’s Cristina who makes everyone understand just what a harrowing experience those four days were. She was the one who stayed awake those four days trying to keep the fire going and everyone alive. After she’s rescued she goes into a catatonic state where she reacts violently when anyone comes near her. Owen arrives ad despite her reacting violently to him coming near her he wraps his arms around her.

Meredith is totally out of it wanting to know where her sister is. Richard and Bailey arrive with Zola. When it's time for them to be flown back to Seattle, Meredith insists they all be sedated so they won’t even be aware they’re flying on a plane.

Derek hears doctors talking about how bad his hand is. Before they operate on him he tries to tell them that he’s a surgeon. Arizona is in the same boat when she hears a doctor talking about amputating her leg and insists she be taken back to Seattle so Callie can save her leg.

When Mark is being transported, he sees the body bad containing Lexie and codes. They keep bringing him back. Callie is worried their losing him because when she talks to him he seems like he’s getting further and further away. Then he seems to make a stunning recovery. Only Richard suspects it’s just the surge terminal patients get right before they go down.

Turns out Richard is right. Mark is advising Avery not to delay telling someone he loves her even if he’s scared. Then he asks Avery to sneak Sophia in to see him. After Avery leaves Mark drops the act and reveals he’s not doing well. Richard helps him make out a living will requesting life support be stopped after 30 days. Mark codes before Avery can make it back with Sophia so he can see his daughter one last time.

Arizona makes Callie promise not to cut her leg off. She does a risky operation on Arizona’s leg to try and save it, but while Callie is operating on Derek’s hand to try and restore his hand so he can perform surgery again, Alex comes in to say Arizona is coding because of her leg. Callie gives the order to amputate Arizona’s leg and Alex is the one who performs the procedure.

Arizona is still holding a grudge against Alex for being on the plane instead of him. In fact, she says she wishes this on him and that it should have been him, not her. She tells him she tried to make him a better person but he’s selfish and thoughtless, then throws him out of her room.

Cristina’s doctor wants to put her in the psych ward and Owen is trying to stop him. Meredith implores Cristina to say something, but she remains mute. Owen apparently takes Cristina out of the hospital and brings her home with him. She finally begins speaking as Owen is bathing her. She tells him how she had to stay awake the entire four days keeping the fire going while everyone slept. She had to keep bringing Mark back when he kept dying. She tried to keep the bugs out of Arizona’s leg. And she could hear the animals in the woods and realized they were fighting over Lexie’s body. She also reveals that she had to drink her own pee because the water tasted like the fuel from the plane might have gotten into it.

Afterwards, Cristina decides to drive to Minnesota. She and Meredith have a nasty fight. Cristina tells her that she should take the job in Boston because only bad things have happened in Seattle. After some time has passed, Meredith calls Cristina to admit that bad things have happened, but so have good things. Cristina calls her back to tell Meredith that she’ll always be her person.

While Derek has been waiting for his hand to heal he’s been teaching and advising other doctors on how to perform their surgeries.

So we can see why Arizona is bitter towards Callie. She promised not to cut off her leg and yet she was the one who gave the order. And increasing her bitterness towards Alex is he’s the one who did it, when she blames him for taking his place on the plane. But to be frank, Arizona was irrational about Alex taking a job at another hospital and she could have taken it with some decorum and let Alex go on the plane. Just because he was taking another job had nothing to do with allowing him to go on the plane. It was her decision. She took him off that plane to punish him for taking another job, and it backfired on her big time. I’m not an Alex fan, but it’s entirely Arizona’s fault for Alex not being on the plane and her taking his place.

Despite Mark’s words to not wait until it’s too late to tell someone you love them, he didn’t say them to April when he had the chance and she left Seattle. We’ll see if Avery is given a second chance with Owen bringing her back and if he’ll follow Mark’s advice.

Arizona has gone to a dark place. The question is, what can be done to bring her out of it. The truth is she was in a bit of a dark place before she ever got on the plane because of her childhood friend. That may be why she overreacted to Alex taking a job at another hospital.

As for Owen and Cristina, there’s some hope for them, even though she took the job in Minnesota. At her darkest moment he was there and he’s actually the one who brought her back to herself, before she ran off to Minnesota. I really don’t get why some people hate Owen and Cristina and just love Cristina and Burke. I couldn’t stand Burke, and Cristina’s relationship with him just seems incredibly shallow compared to her relationship with Owen.

Finally, Derek seems to be handling not being able to perform surgery pretty well, unless some mental meltdown is still to come. I guess only time will tell. But since Arizona is the one dark and resentful, I have a feeling Derek isn’t going to go there and he's going to be okay.


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