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Grey's Anatomy -- Who Failed The Boards?

Updated on May 4, 2012

It's not who I thought it would be

The episode begins with Catherine informing Richard that one of his interns didn't pass the board. She doesn't know which one failed. She's worried it was Jackson. Alex seems odds on favor since he missed the start of his boards, but as the episode goes on we see each one of the residents could have failed, because none did that well while taking them.

Cristina got William Daniels who played arrogant Dr. Mark Craig in St. Elsewhere years ago and I couldn't help but wondering if that's who he was channeling as he gave Cristina her boards. Those two rubbed each other the wrong way. It was like to know-it-alls think-they're-way-is-the-only-right-way personalities coming together and it wasn't pretty. Cristina definitely met her match. Cristina was convinced she'd blown her boards when she and her examiner came to verbal blows.

Meredith boards didn't go well, either, since she was still suffering from the stomach flu, although I wonder if she'll find out she's really pregnant. A lot of times when the pressure is off, couples conceive after adopting a child. Every time she was asked a question she looked like the thought of describing the procedure was making her sick to her stomach. Meredith wasn't going to go to the last session, feeling she'd already failed, but Derek said the right thing to her without telling her what she should do. She called Derek wanting him to tell her what to do, but all she got from him was some cryptic response that she ultimately understood. Meredith vomited several times in the wastebasket while she answered the last of her questions. She answered them like a pro but was afraid her examiners failed her for the puking her guts up in front of them stuff.

Alex arrived late and the examiners wouldn't let him take his first session. He had to get the next two sessions perfectly on he would fail. In the last session, he felt he was being asked a trick question and blew-up and his examiners. He showed is disdain because they had no understanding that he was taking care of a patient and that's why he was late. When he asked if he'd failed, they wouldn't tell him, but he was sure that he did.

Jackson seemed to be doing okay until he learned his mother was the examiner next door. During the break he had another bout of sex with April in the men's bathroom. I was hoping it might calm him down since he was so tense. Sex can have that kind of an effect.

April's boards were a disaster from the start. She obsessed over one question and wouldn't let them move on to the next. She took off her jacket and had huge sweat spots all over her top. She told them she had sex with a friend in the bathroom during the break. She said the first thing she'd do for a patient was pray for them instead of sticking to why she was there. Then she went on about Jesus. I have to say she rightfully failed her boards. It's fine to believe in Jesus but that wasn't the place to talk about it when she was there to answer medical questions. I actually felt sorry for the examiners who had her.

Back at the hospital an old friend from childhood came to visit Arizona. He was the one who helped her get through her brother's death and they even had a fake marriage ceremony as children, which seemed to make Callie jealous. He'd been sick for six years but hadn't come to her. Arizona was sure Callie would be able to fix what was wrong with him, but when she opened him up she realized it was too late to do anything for him.

News around the hospital was Mark and his girlfriend, Julia, were going to have a baby. This really hit Lexie hard. Finally, she just blurted out to him that she loves him and not Jackson. Before Mark can even open his mouth to respond about how he feels about that, Julia shows up. It looks like Mark is going to have a decision to make.

Back in San Francisco, Richard and Catherine are saying goodbye to each other. With their busy schedules and living in two different cities it seems their one night stand may be just that; a one night stand. They realize they'll be at the same conference and make plans to hook-up there.

So, now the hard part starts. The residents have to decide if they will stay or go. If Cristina decides to go any hope of Owen and Cristina possibly working things out will go with her. Derek has made it clear that if Meredith wants to go to a different hospital he's more than happy to go with her. And both Alex and Jackson have really good mentors in Arizona and Mark so staying where they are opposed to going out on their own is a distinct possibility.


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