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Grimm -- Little Red Riding Hood

Updated on October 30, 2011

Not my cup of tea

I see some critics are claiming Grimm is superior to Once Upon A Time, but I really didn't care for it and prefer the whimsy and charm of Once Upon A Time over the realism of Grimm.

The premise for the show is that Grimms can see the monsters and demons in a person's face that ordinary people can't see. Because the last Grimm, Marie, is dying, the torch is being passed on to Nick Birkhart, who she raised after his parents were killed. That's why Nick suddenly looks at people and sees their faces morph into the faces of monsters.

Apparently the big bad wolf from the Little Red Riding Hood tale is a breed of people called the blut baddens. One blut badden is a mailman and he's killing women and girls who are dressed in red. Apparently, blut baddens have an affinity for red riding hood attire.

Marie comes to visit Nick on the eve of his plans to ask his girlfriend Juliet to marry him. She tells Nick he has to let Juliet go for her own safety. She also tells him about the truth about his own heritage and that his parents didn't die in a car crash. Just then a monster-face comes and attacks Marie. While she doesn't die, she's left in a coma.

Nick goes through the things in Marie's trailer and starts to become a believer. When he spots a clock maker with a wolf face that is living near the park where a little girl wearing a red hoodie has disappeared, he's convinced the clock maker blut badden has the child. Nick makes a fool of himself trying to arrest him for the crime, and the clock maker is let go.

Later, Nick stakes out the clock maker's house. The clock maker is innocent and even helps Nick track down the mailman who has the child. Since he fed on the female jogger earlier he's not hungry, yet, so he's keeping her to fatten her up for when he is hungry.

Nick calls in his partner, but doesn't tell him the truth. Who'd believe him, any way. While it looks like the mailman will succeed in shining them on, he's humming The Eurhythmics Sweet Dreams, which was playing on the jogger's I-Pod when she was killed. They go back in and take down the mailman and find the child.

Afterwards Nick goes to visit Marie in the hospital and stops a blonde demon-face from killing her. The blonde goes back to report her failure to her boss. It seems obvious they'll try it again.

I was thrilled when I heard another fairy tale based show was coming on, since I love fairy tales, but I didn't really care for this show. I like Once Upon A Time's premise better. I'm curious how the writers will re-imagine the fairy tales we're all so familiar with. I'm going to take a pass on Grimm.


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    • vmartinezwilson profile image

      Vanessa Martinez Wilson 6 years ago from Vancouver, WA

      I really must watch this show. I was considering this and Once Upon, but was pretty non-commitalk to both. I think I'll try them both just to compare them too.