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Grooving With the Groovaloos

Updated on December 13, 2016

The Groovaloos

"They take street dance to a new level--a whole new direction."

I first became aware of the "Groovaloos" while watching the new reality TV show, Super Stars of Dance which debuted on January 4, 2009. "Inspirational" is one word described by the Los Angeles Times. The Groovaloos brand of street dance tells a story, as poetry and is improvisational. It is combined with the dance styles of break-dancing and hip-hop. It is fun and exciting to watch! It should be no surprise that Groovaloos took first place on this reality show winning the gold medal. They managed to turn the dance world by upside down, putting street dance on the map!

"The Super Stars of Dance"

The Groovaloos - 1st Performance

Metro LA on Groovaloos

"What's GROOVALOOS? It's a hip-hop break-dancing, and improvisational athleticism that never quit." Metro LA

The Groovaloos - 2nd Performance

Dance Magazine on Groovaloos

"Energy OOZES of the stage as a gaggle of dancers swagger into HEART-STOPPINGG head-spins and cool popping machinations..." Dance Magazine

Groovaloos vs. Shaolin Monks - Semi Final

Los Angeles Times on Groovaloos

"Each dancer's torso, arms, and legs move in so many directions, all at once, that rules of anatomy seem to be broken" Los Angeles Times

Groovaloos - The Finale

LA Weekly on Groovaloos

"Ninety minutes of highly contagious freestyle dancing...NONSTOP entertainment...POUNDING, EXHILARATING movement and vocals from the talented cast...emphasizes the ARTISTRY and dance of hip-hop." LA Weekly

Groovaloos Groove Nite

What is Groove Nite all about?

Groove Nite started back in 2000. It is a way for the members or any one else to work on their craft. It is a good way for the members to hang out and to remind themselves why they got into dance in the first place. Groove Nite is every Thursday at the Debbie Reynolds Studio in North Hollywood, CA.

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Groove Nite Logo from

Reviews from Dance Magazine, LA Weekly, LA Metro, Los Angeles Times--

I find Groovaloos inspirational! What's Your Opinion?

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