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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Fan Scipt

Updated on August 31, 2014

Just as the opening scene from the 1986 animated Transformers movie, we see from space many ships leaving a planet as it is being consumed by Galactus. The Silver Surfer can be seen hovering in space nearby. Panning across space we come upon the ship Milano. Inside everyone is in a good mood from just completing a mission. They decide to go to Xandar for some overdue R&R time. The ship picks up a collision course with an unknown object.

Quickly they see a trail of light shot by them heading towards Xandar. The crew follows as quickly as they can while trying to contact Nova Corp. Richard Rider returns their message thanking them for the heads up. Hovering above the planet is a few Nova Corp members as more are joining them. The Surfer arrives as greetings and threats are exchanged.

The whole planet is on alert as a few ships can be seen departing the planet. As the Surfer prepares to signal Galactus, the Milano comes barreling through and striking the Surfer. Gamora has already told those on board about the Surfer and Galactus. Richard Rider is ticked off a bit as the rest of Nova Corp begins a fire fight with the Surfer.

The Milano get a few good shots in but not before the Surfer knocks out their main engines and starts crashing towards the planet. Richard and a couple more Norva Corp piggyback the ship to a hard landing. As the ship was crashing through the atmosphere another strange occurrence begins to happen at Knowhere. The cocoon inside the Collectors possession begins to crack open.

The Collector was shocked to see Adam Warlock coming out of the cocoon. He thought it would be years before Warlock would recover from his last encounter with Thanos. But Adam used his influence over Carina to activate the stone. Adam absorbs much of the energy to quickly heal himself. Adam senses his son in danger and quickly heads in the direction of Xandar. Howard the Duck enters the room proclaiming that he isn’t going to clean up the mess Adam Warlock left.

The Surfer hovers over the Milano as he drops an unconscious Nova Corp trooper to the ground. Stating if that was the only defenses the planet has then he was going to signal his Master. Richard Rider starts shooting energy blast as the rest of the Guardians join in as well. Groot throws Rocket pass the Surfer who then produces a weapon to shoot the Surfer in the back. The blast was strong enough to force the Surfer to the ground and to send Rocked further up into the air.

One of the other Nova Corp troops catches Rocket. As the fight becomes man on man action with the Surfer clearly winning. Star Lord weapon gets blasted out of his hand he tackles the Surfer who is by now puzzled by Star Lord. Stating he has sensed felt a similar presents from another being who once conversed with Galactus. Star Lord says that it may have been his dad. To which the Surfer replies that Star Lord never inherited his fathers’ mannerisms, intelligence and power.

As everyone is clearly out of the fight the Surfer prepares to alert Galactus. Suddenly a bright light appears above the Surfer. A blast wave hits the Surfer rendering him unconscious. As Warlock lands next to his son they look at each other. Warlock introduces himself to everyone as he looks on to his son. Star Lord looking over the image of his father asked if Siegfried and Roy are his grandparents. Warlock laughs as he could see the meaning by scanning his sons mind. He went to Earth to look for the Tesseract when it was activated during World War Two. He left when Galactus summoned Warlock.

Galactus informed Warlock of the potential danger posed if Thanos collected all of the gems stones hidden across the Universe. Warlock goes to stop Thanos but is left floating in space near death. Thanos takes the Soul Gem. The Collector was mentally summoned by Warlock who has been protecting Warlock all this time.

The Surfer, hearing Warlocks story, informs him that Thanos is ready to acquire all of the stones at once as he has been manipulating everyone to locate them for him. Thanos has the Soul Gem. The Collector has the Aether (Reality Gem) to give to Thanos. Loki is on Asgard ready to take the Tesseract (Space). Loki’s Chitauri Staff (Mind Gem) is on Earth. Xander has the Power Gem. All that is left for Thanos is to take the Time Gem from Galactus himself.

Thanos would not dare attack Galactus directly. Everyone thinks that for now everything is Ok but the Surfer states that Galactus must feed or he will die. And then Thanos would certainly take the Time Gem. Before anyone could act, the Surfer sends a signal to Galactus to come to Xander. Everyone is ready to go another round with the Surfer as Warlock stops everyone.

As the Surfer is waiting for Galactus to appear he simply waits. Warlock uses this opportunity to give the Surfer a tour of the planet. Showing him all the people. Warlock knows of the Surfer origins and uses it to try and change the Surfers loyalty. As the Surfer sees couples in love and children playing, he mentally flashes back to his own home world and starts to remember everything and everyone he sacrifices to keep Galactus from destroying his own world.

During this time Nova Corp and the Guardians help with the evacuation of the planet as Star Lord is trying to come up with a way to defeat Galactus. The only option that comes into play is Galactus is vulnerable just before the machine comes on to convert the planet to energy for Galactus to feed off of. No one has a better idea so they go with Star Lords plan.

With over half the planet inhabitance now gone, the Surfer has decided to help Warlock. Plus Warlock has been using his mental powers to free the Surfer from Galactus control. Together they decide that the only way to stop Galactus is to use the Ifinity Gems against Thanos. As Warlock goes to retrieve the Power, the Surfer will fly to Earth to get the Mind gem.

Nova Corp is reluctant, to say the least, on turning over the Infinity stone to Warlock. But after a quick battle Warlock has the stone as all of Nova Corp rather work with him than have to fight Warlock again. As the Surfer approaches Earth, the Avengers are fighting HYDRA as Loki’s Chitauri Staff is scene being used in battle.

Everyone can hear a long sonic boom sound getting closer as both sides thing the other group is responsible for the approaching object. The Surfer, sensing where the Mind Gem is, quickly grabs the staff and continues to fly back to Xandar. As Thor is the only one present who knows of the existence of the Surfer has a look of dread. Ironman asked if he knew who that being was as Thor simply say that when the Surfer appears on a planet, the Devourer of Worlds will appear to consume it. Thor calls for Heimdall as Thor disappears before both sides could inquire in more detail.

Back on Xandar, Warlock meets with the Surfer as they make a makeshift gun to fire upon Galactus. The guardians and Nova Corp will provide cover as Warlock and the Surfer fires to weapon at Galactus to weaken him more. Then use the Mind gem to keep him from eating Xandar.

Galactus arrives as everyone is taken aback by his sheer size. Rocket wants to turn tail and run, as does Groot. The battle starts as Galactus barely notices them. Surfer and Warlock appear with their weapon as Galactus notices them and questions the Surfers loyalty. After a few exchanges words they fire the weapon knocking Galactus towards the planet.

Just before he hits the surface, Galactus stops in midair and ascends back to his ship. They blast Galactus again as the weapon explodes due to the amount of energy flowing through it. Warlock grabs the Mind gem and fly’s to Galactus and tries to control his mind. Somewhat successful as a weakened Galactus states that he does not want to wage a useless war with the Infinity gems.

He releases the Surfer from his duties but allows him to keep his powers. Saying that he will need it as Thanos now has what he was looking for. A bit puzzled as the Surfer glances at Galactus’s ship and sees Thanos leaving it. The Surfer and Warlock flies towards Thanos as he holds up the Time gem and vanishes before their eyes.

Galactus leaves to devour a nearby planet as the Guardians and Nova Corp claim a victory. Warlock cuts the celebrations short as saying that the worst is yet to come. Everything that has happened has been according to Thanos plan. Thanos has manipulated everyone to collect the Gems for him so that he could collect them at ease later.

Thanos begins to collect the Gems. Appearing on Asgard, he takes the glove and places the Time gem and Soul Gem on it. He takes the Tesseract and removes the Space Gem and places it on the glove. He disappears as Asgardian soldiers arrive. He appears before the Collector and takes the Reality Gem.

On Xandar the Mind and Power gems are locked away in a more secure vault. The Xandarians are returning home as Nova Corp, the Guardians and the Surfer do not look like they really won anything. They each cheer themselves up as Warlock is now a member of the Guardians. The Surfer decided to do some soul searching to try to amend for the people he has killed while in his service to Galactus.

Soon an explosion is heard in the vault room as many Nova Corp soldiers lie dead on the ground. They see Thanos grinning as he placing the last Infinity Gems on the glove. As the Glove begins to brighten, they see Death standing next to Thanos. Lifting his arm high into the air for everyone to see, he disappears. Leaving behind an ominous message for everyone to hear throughout the Universe; “Prepare for death.”

The End.

After the credits there is an additional scene. The Surfer is flying towards Earth again. He crashes into the home of Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange appears as the Surfer relays a message from Adam Warlock; “Thanos has won. Prepare for battle.”


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