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Guardians of the Galaxy - Film Review

Updated on January 3, 2015


In 1988, a young Peter Quill ran out and burst into a flood of tears and screams in a field behind a hospital where moments after his mum had died from Cancer. While he cried unable to cope with the situation a space ship fill with pirates lead by Yondu Udonta comes and abducted him.

The pirates were intending to kill him and eat him but instead took pity on the boy and the pirate leader brought him up like his own son and trained him to be a scavenger / hunter a pirate himself and sent him out in the vast universe where he gets into trouble quickly.

The Film

I have to admit I am not a comic fan. They are just not my thing but I do know about the characters one of my favourite's being Iron Man. However I didn't know anything about the Guardians of the Galaxy characters. So when I don't know who these character are I expect more from a film to tell me who these characters are and what their story is.

I had heard a lot of positive feedback about it this film saying 'It's the best Marvel film'. My brother saying that his work mate had been to see the film on premier day and then 3 times after that at the cinema just because it was so good. So you think 'Oh yeah this has to be good'

To be honest.... it wasn't thrilling... not what I was expecting anyway.

The film to me seemed to have no real pace to it. It plodded along from one moment to the next. Even the action sequences had no WOW moments for me. It felt very staged and for me felt in some scenes the characters were just reading the lines straight from the scripts rather than having a bit freedom with it.


If you have been reading my other film reviews you know that I like strong characters but for me there wasn't any here.

Don't get me wrong the characters where good, they all had their own stories / personalities and there was some better than others but there wasn't any "strong" characters. For example: Star Lord 'Peter Quill' I was hoping for - 1.He had grown up as this rebel who had no limits or bounds with being brought up by the pirates. 2.Had nightmares of his mother as she died in front of him and how he brings up quotes that his mother gave him. 3.Bringing up random stories of the adventures he had been in. 4.How he was counted as a weakling because he was human. And yes you're reading this thinking well he did have most of this but to me there was no impact to any of these features. Other than one moment where he spoke about the tape and headphones or screaming when someone took them off him I don't remember another sequence where I actually acknowledged stuff about himself or what meant something to him. Then one major sequence at the end where his mother got brought up was far too late for me, why wasn't his mother mentioned throughout the film more often?

I wanted a stand out moment where he makes himself perfectly clear to everyone else watching, who he is, why he is here and what he is going to do but he didn't do that. The only thing I felt was that he was still just a kid in an adult body, he was no different to when he was kidnapped and none of his experiences / surroundings or influences around him had rubbed off onto him to change him or make him stronger. He was just a typical character which I found annoying and boring. People who know the comic character know the little things that make this character this character. I don't know anything about them and by the end of the film I still felt like I didn't know him very well.


The only characters who I actually got any connection with was Groot and Rocket. I learned more about them than any other characters. How Rocket has this big strong outer shell and is constantly tinkering but inside is a scared animal who had no interest in changing but was forced to do it against his will. He made this perfectly clear in the story. Though I think they skipped over it in the film far too quickly and could have given him a better more friendly reaction. The poor devil was pouring his heart out, at least someone should have reacted. Groot on the other hand is soft and gentle but because he doesn't speak everyone thinks he is dumb as a post, where in fact he is one of the smartest in the group. He may not want to fight but I think he secretly enjoys it and even more so when he has to protect his friends.

As I say I expected this film to tell me a lot and had high expectations. However I wonder whether I set them too high?

Everything in this film seemed to be lacking. There was interactions amongst the characters but through the film I wanted to feel the progression of the relationship between them build but there wasn't anything. Some may argue this was due to the fact they were all brought together accidental so they would take longer to adjust. My question through the whole thing was if you were going into a dangerous situation you would want to trust the people your going with, right?. Yet there was no sign of trust for me until a they started fighting at the very end against the common enemy which was too late. It just felt like all the characters were going along for the ride until they all decided well actually we need to get something done here why not work together. So all I got out of this was a bunch of misfits who were all brought together in one place, decide from then on to take on the galaxy which for me was disappointing.


The only two that had any connections to one another was Rocket and Groot. Rocket on many occasions will finish sentences or translate words for Groot that he couldn't possibly have said or even bares his raw animal emotion to him where no one else seems bothered to listen. The rest do try to bond but seem so driven on their own goals that the 'group task' seems pointless until the last section of the film.

I have to admit that the music was good but I felt cheated that they were using lots of older music because of Star Lord. The music they were playing were songs I grew up with as a kid and I love the pieces they picked. But I still felt like they could have added more to the sequences if they had added a bit more bass or their own version of the music and made it like Star Lord had expanded on them himself over the years.


But there is some good to this film as well as the bad. The special effects were very impressive. Rocket and Groot were amazingly done, they looked like they were actually there not just placing the animation on the top. There is a beautiful moment with Groot where I did actually sit and think WOW that is so well done. Every detail in that one scene was thought out. I was very pleased that they took time and quality on this aspect because this for me is just as bad as bad characters.

The other bit I liked about the film was the brilliant set ups and plots and how they executed them. I don't want to give anything away from the film if your are going to watch but when they do anything that needs a 'Plan' expect some very imaginative ideas.

Overall I was disappointed. If you were after an action film then this is Ok, but if you want an impact action film with a strong story and makes your goosebumps have goosebumps I wouldn't bother. Plus it does help if you know more about the characters before it starts as well.

My rating 4 out of 10

The Guardians of the Galaxy and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

Movie Trailer


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