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Gucci Mane Bricks

Updated on July 1, 2009

About Gucci Mane Bricks

The hustle game of the artist Gucci Mane is respected by all rappers and fans alike. Most people have had not had to go through the struggle that the musician Gucci Mane has. In fact, most people cannot even relate to the tough times that he has gone through. In the past, he has worked hard in order to get himself in a financially abundant situation. He continues to earn more money through rapping than most people and has made more overall money by working on the streets than most people would ever dream of. He made one song called “Bricks” that really helped him reach more fans than he had ever imagined. In fact, it has become one of his biggest hits to date besides the Gucci Mane Icy song.

He talks about selling “all white bricks” and “tan bricks” in the song because those are the color of bricks that he was used to seeing. In case you aren’t familiar with the street slang that he is referring to, this article should help fill you in. When Gucci Mane talks about getting “bricks” he is referring to drugs being sold. It is not something that most people like to hear when they listen to music, but the people who have seen drugs get sold in their projects and community know that it was once a part of their life. Gucci is no exception and always tries to make sure that he reaches a national crowd that can relate to his life when he makes music. He is passionate about creating music that is true to who he has become as a human being.

Bricks by Gucci Mane Deserves Respect

Some people may have a problem with the Gucci Mane music Bricks song, but most fans of the hip hop culture should know and respect what Gucci’s mindset was when he created the song. It was not made with the intent to be profane, it was meant to express the true life of the artist Gucci Mane and to let the people know what he experienced as a hustler. If you are not familiar, the term “hustler” refers to anybody that does whatever it takes to make as much money as possible for self-support.

The next time that you listen to the song “Bricks” by Gucci Mane, you should take the time to respect what is being said by him as well as his other artists on there. All three of the artists: Gucci Mane, Yung Ralph, and Yo Gotti experienced drug-dealing as part of their reality. All three are southern artists that were trying to get a good perspective of their environment and deliver it to their fans and supporters. Most people from the streets, who have made it through the same type of lifestyle and struggle, understand that what these three men speak in their rhymes is very real.

Gucci Mane 2009 Music

This is a song that everybody who appreciates music can enjoy. It is one of Gucci Mane’s releases for 2009 and he will try to do whatever it takes in order to keep his relevancy high in the rap game. Even when most people cannot relate to what he has said, there will always be people in the streets that will really like what he has to say. He is a big role-model to the southern kids and community of the Eastern-section of Atlanta. If you have never experienced the street life and struggle, you should be thankful, but don’t go around criticizing another person’s piece of music for not having lyrics that you wanted to hear.

These lyrics embody the personality of Gucci Mane as a person. We are all different and all have different musical taste based on what can inspire and motivate us. This is a song that will inspire youth growing up in the inner-cities and ghettos of the United States for years to come. Gucci is aware of the fact that he is able to make hits and timeless music like “Bricks” because he experienced the street-life and knows how to express his experiences through words and the rhythm of a beat.

Even though profanity will always be an issue for Gucci Mane fans, most of them do not care. Most of his fans admire him for whom he has become as an artist and have enjoyed seeing his chemistry with the producer Zaytoven pushed to an entirely new level. Be sure to go out and show support for Gucci Mane by purchasing his music and classic “Bricks” song.

Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj


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