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Gucci Mane Freestyle

Updated on July 1, 2009

Gucci Mane In Atlanta

There is an artist in the rap-game who just does not seem to get credit from any of the northern hip-hop music fans. This artist goes by the name of Radric Davis, but most people call him Gucci Mane. There is an interesting story behind Gucci Mane’s career because he did not start out life with the intention to become a rapper. He was born in 1980 in Alabama, where he ended up moving away from when he turned six. He relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he quickly fit in and found a lot of new friends.

Eventually, he started to get a few local jobs in order to get money. He knew that there was more money to be made than what he had, so he quit his day job and began to hustle on the streets as a teen. Like any hustler, Gucci Mane had a lot to learn, but he figured that if his father could be so good at it, that he could follow in his dad’s footsteps and achieve success. It was no easy ride to the top as a hustler and many times he had risked his life by doing work out on the streets.

Gucci Mane Hustle

He had to wake up early in the morning and say out late at night if he wanted to get more money.  His career as a hustler and real street aficionado propelled him into taking interest in music.  Gucci Mane saw that there were other real people who had dealt with similar struggles and experiences and chose to express themselves through a musical outlet.  Since a lot of other artists started to gain mainstream success like Young Jeezy, this inspired Gucci Mane to get money as a rapper and do the same.

It was not money though, that inspired him as a rapper, rather, it was his passion for making music and freestyling.  He started out by using no pad, no pencil, just rhyming straight off the top of his head.  Even though he does write some of his music, his freestyle ability is better than most of the best artists in the game.  He wears a mouthpiece, so sometimes people who are not from the south are a little bit confused about what he is saying.  Once they take a good listen to his music and watch some of his classic freestyle videos, they can easily see how much talent he has.

Gucci Mane Freestyle

Typically, you can find a new Gucci Mane freestyle on his mixtapes, as well as on radio stations throughout the United States during the time that he takes to promote his albums. He has come up with exclusive freestyles for people like DJ Clue, Hood Affairs, as well as various mixtape DJ’s that he has worked with. On the mixtape “No Pad No Pencil” that he released, there are a lot of tracks that he came up with by not taking time to write anything down. He is among the most professional rap freestyle artists in the world of hip hop.

People from Atlanta and the South can relate particularly well to the exact life and experiences that Gucci Mane La Flare has gone through. If you are interested in checking up on some of his latest music and freestyles, be sure that you look for his mixtapes on the internet and buy some of his albums. There are some tracks even on his albums that he came up with material straight off the top of his head and memorized it.

Appreciate Gucci Mane Freestyles

It is inspiring to see such a great freestyle artist who went from nothing to something.  He has earned a lot of money in the process because people respect how good he is and how hard he works to perfect his musical craft.  He represents a dream that many people have which is:  going from having nothing to having everything you had ever wanted.  He is not afraid to show off his expensive jewelry and has over two-million dollars worth of necklaces that he likes to flaunt around.

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and take the time to sit back and listen to some of the classic freestyles that the artist Gucci Mane has contributed to the rap community.  Hear what he talks about and see if you can relate to anything that he is saying.  The people from the streets love him for bringing such authentic rhymes to the game.

Gucci Mane Freestyle On RapCity


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