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Gucci Mane Killin' The Game

Updated on May 21, 2010

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Gucci Mane's Work Ethic

Gucci Mane has been killing the streets for a few consecutive years now and it does not look like he is going to stop anytime soon. The only thing stopping him is himself as he says in one of his latest singles, 'Worst Enemy' from 'The State vs Radric Davis. The reason he is the only one stopping himself from advancing is because he seems to land himself in jail or prison year after year and he is currently serving a 12 month sentence given to him in November of 2009.

Since emerging into the rap game in 2005, Gucci Mane has released 4 albums independently, one of which was released by his old record label, Big Cat Records that was not agreed on by Gucci Mane, and 2 albums on major record labels. Since dropping his very first mixtape in 2007, Chicken Talk, a two disc mixtape, he has released over 12 official mixtapes along with countless Gucci Mane Mixtapes made by numerous DJs. He has also released 8 singles as well as featured on over 10 singles.

He has recorded over 25 music videos for his various songs that are usually very generic. It's evident that many of the videos were done very quickly and without a professional production or recording team although some do seem to have a budget. He has had a known production team, Jordan Tower, produce a number of his music videos. Gucci Mane Music Videos usually consist of him in the hood stunting his jewelry and cars with all of his street homies. You can't forget all of the music video vixens too.

Gucci Mane - "Heavy" Music Video

"5 Star Chick"

Gucci Mane Music

Gucci Mane Music has really taken the rap industry by storm because of Gucci Mane's long time underground status and street credibility. When he finally emerged into the mainstream, he brought along one of the largest followings a rap artist has had before signing a major record label deal, probably only matched by the now widely known Drake.

One of the main reasons for his large following is his valued street cred along with the large amount of mixtapes, music, and songs given to the public, all for free. Rap artists have just now recently began giving out free mixtapes to the fans to help boost their record sales and prove their credibility in the rap game.

Because Gucci Mane has released so much material since 2005, we have constructed a list of practically every single song Gucci Mane has ever released to the public. Along with the extensive list of songs, you can also Listen to Gucci Mane with the links made available on the list of songs. There are also downloads available with many of the songs as well. The list is continually being updated with the latest songs and more listens and downloads.

If you do not know what Gucci Mane Songs to listen to, you can check out where you can listen and download some of the best Gucci Mane songs.

Gucci Mane - "Lemonade"


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