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Gucci Mane Icy

Updated on December 30, 2009

Gucci Mane Icy With Zaytoven, Young Jeezy, Boo

One song that changed the entire personality of hip hop music was made by Gucci Mane. The Gucci Mane Icy song had an unpredictably big impact on all of rap fans. It was produced by Zaytoven, a man who is considered by many to be the best producer in all of rap music. The producer Zaytoven was working with Gucci Mane one day in the studio as well as the artist Young Jeezy, and the three recorded a classic song. The trio ended up adding another artist by the name of “Boo” to the chorus, which ended up giving it a classic-sound. They started by promoting it in East-Atlanta, Georgia, where all three artists were from. They brought the song to local radio stations, various nightclubs, as well as strip-clubs. The song was widely accepted at all venues and it evolved into a major hit.

This was the first form of success that any of the artists had experienced. The song was owned completely by Gucci Mane, but his friend Young Jeezy wanted to be able to include it on his first album called “Thug Motivation 101.” Gucci Mane did not agree that it could be included because he felt like Jeezy was trying to leech off his fame. The two ended up terminating their friendship and working relationship over this song. They disputed over it and even went to court over the rights to the song. Jeezy ended up losing the court battle and the song ended up getting included on the album “Trap House” by Gucci Mane. Because the song became such a massive radio hit, the “Trap House” album ended up selling a lot of copies as an independently released project.

Gucci Mane So Icey Entertainment

The people who bought the album ended up realizing that Gucci Mane La Flare was going to be an artist who was going to have longevity in the rap game because he had such a huge street family supporting him. Unfortunately, a time would come when he would face jail time for a shooting, drug possession, as well as gun possession. It was not good for him or his fans to have to wait for him to get out of jail before he could release new music. He would eventually be proven innocent for his crimes and would go on to release several more successful independent albums through a local record label in Atlanta. After his album “Trap-A-Thon,” Gucci ended up signing a deal with Atlantic Records; his first major label deal.

He would go on to have even more success because people knew him as the guy who made the hit song “Icy.” Everywhere he went he was recognized as being “So Icy.” Because of his success with this song and his love for jewelry, he ended up establishing his own record company called “So Icey Entertainment.” He signed the producer Zaytoven to a deal immediately as well as several other artists who were trying to make a name for themselves. Today, the record label is still holding strong and Gucci Mane La Flare has a lot of good things going for him. He is widely recognized as one of the top artists in the rap game and one of the best artists to ever “spit a freestyle.”

Gucci Mane Icy Video

Gucci Mane Is "So Icey"

Gucci is still an artist who considers himself to be one of the most iced-out people in the world. He has jewelry that he commonly wears that is worth several million dollars. He knows that people aren’t going to steal it from him because he has earned too much respect from his past struggle. Much of his initial success can be attributed to the Gucci Mane Icy song, which lead him to start doing shows and working hard on his performances. If you ever go to a Gucci Mane concert, you will quickly find out that he is one of the most fashionable rappers and one of the most down-to-Earth people that you have ever seen on stage.

He is certainly not shy about his stardom and being “so icy,” but he makes music that people can relate to and that they can use as motivation to become as much of a success-story as he did. From Caucasian suburban teens playing “So Icy” at parties to African-American teens playing the song in their neighborhoods, Gucci Mane realizes that he was able to create a song that all different groups of people could enjoy. His success is well-deserved and he has only gone on to release more authentic new music.

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