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Gucci Mane a victim of Rape!

Updated on December 24, 2014

A few months after being indicted of murder of a fellow inmate for attempted rape, Gucci Mane is now topping the prison headlines yet again, only that this time he is indeed a victim of rape. Gucci Mane, who is facing a 20 year jail time for gun charges, was hit by probably the worst nightmare in his life after he was sexually assaulted by at least 10 of his fellow inmates. The investigative report explains how the poor rapper was attacked and harassed by the offenders after which he would then be threatened harshly if he dared to report the assault.

Gucci mane is probably going through his worst, especially considering the fact that he is indeed a superstar and he deserves to be sipping wine in his condo rather than getting his ass nailed in prison! The ill-fated rapper suffered severe injuries including anal trauma and swelling needless to say the psychological ordeal he will have to live with for the rest of his life after watching his dignity been filched from him.

Gucci mane will now serve his remaining prison term in protective custody


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