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A guide for those who want to become a professional belly dancer

Updated on September 15, 2010

Belly Dance or “Raks-sharki” is   an exotic dance that originated from the Middle East, which according to some historians was first viewed by Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt. 

Interestingly, this exotic dance many people  all over the world accepted this dance and started swaying hips  like crazy as as a great majority of the female population regardless of age drove in flocks to health clubs, dance clubs and online dance schools as wella s the gym  to experience traditional belly dancing.

For some, belly dancing is as good as any rigorous work-out. But there are women who seriously embraced this hobby along with its culture , have made up their mind to become a professional belly dancer. Are  there more valuable things to learn about belly dance?

professional belly dancer
professional belly dancer

Professional belly dance is a lifelong passion that is not just about dancing but understanding all elements that come with it such as music and culture. Belly dance works well with middle eastern music that must be absorbed to feel the groove needed in the performance of this engaging and artistic dance. Also, a deeper understanding of the dance's history and roots would certainly be valuable to master the the different styles of belly dance that improved as decades passed by.

Professional belly dance skills can be achieved by joining professional belly dance classes which must pass a test to graduate from each level. The strict prerequisites for every level ensure that the dancer has passed and mastered the essential techniques. The majority of professional belly dance schools rigorously teach their students in different dance disciplines including ballet, jazz, Indian and Persian dance. Alternative professional belly dancers integrate tribal or cabaret styles into their program.

Professional belly dancing equally requires not only investment in time but also sourcing out costumes needed for every performance. A professional belly dancers life is abundant with public shows which not only entertains but inform the public about the beauty of belly dance as a performing arts.

People's misconceptions about belly dance as an obscene show that features the contours of a woman's body must be corrected but rather it must be established that this dance is a creative form of middle eastern dance technique. In addition becoming a professional belly dancer takes dedication since it takes some years to master the moves and not by few weeks of training.

For those interested in professional belly dancing, one can look for belly dancing studios that have certified instructors. It would also be practical to probe deeper into the training , years of experience and methods of the instructor which gives an insight of the complete dance background . Live your dreams in becoming a professional belly dancer.


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    • profile image

      Aradh 6 years ago

      i think is the best way to learn with practice at home and Belly Dance for Beginners by Leila dvd is great i used myself and i´m learning a lot.... :) Nice review of quite a few videos.