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Great Ways to Find Other Guitar Players

Updated on January 11, 2012


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5 Ways to Find Other Guitar Players

I live in a small town. Not too many musicians live around here. The ones that I know about are 30 to 45 minutes away and I would have never found them if I had not reached out in ways I'll present here. Playing alone has its advantages. You can stay on task without getting pulled away from completing a goal because your buddy wants to do this or that. You can concentrate much better without that hassle.

On the other hand, having friends that can come over to jam gets those creative juices flowing. Collaborating on a project, learning a new set of music or brainstorming ideas on how to get more exposure (if you're in a band) can be done so much faster if you have that network of musicians at your fingertips.

But what are some of the best ways to find them? Here are some ways I've found to easily track down and network with other like-minded musicians. Whether it's to start a band or just hang out and jam, you're gonna find some good tips in here.

1. Craigslist.

Using Craigslist is a great way to put out your feelers for who in your area is into music and guitars. Whether it's in the "gigs" or wanted section, looking around in your area on the site can get you get an idea for how many musicians are actually out there in your neck of the woods. Even if you find folks that live 2 states away, don't feel as though they can't jam with because I'll show you how you can still play and work on music together without ever leaving your house.

2. Skype.

This little piece of software lets you easily call family, friends or contacts. It's been a wonderful method of staying in touch with family but it's so much more than that. Using Skype after making contact with musicians in Craigslist will allow you to frequently connect when the other person if you can't meet up due to whatever reason. Even if they life halfway around the world. No problem, hop on Skype and link up via video chat and you guys are rocking out right there. Use it to work on riffs or help each other with a guitar lesson. The possibilities are endless.

3. Online Forums

Finding like-minded people to share and learn from is really no longer difficult. The Internet, with all its foibles has been for me, the absolutely best way to find people with similar interests. In my list of hobbies and interests, I've found an online forum for every one of them. From music, guitars, computers, internet marketing, and even radio controlled cars, every one of them has a forum. All you have to do an internet search for whichever topic you want and you'll be able to find it. Some of the most popular for guitarists and musicians are:

And that's just a small sample of what's out there. Keep searching and you'll find tons more.

4. Classified ads.

Newspapers. Remember them? Yep. If push comes to shove, putting up aclassified ad in the wanted section of your local paper or thrifty nickel or shopper is one way to get the word out that your interested in contacting other musicians. Yeah, it may cost a few dollars but you can find a goldmine of new talent using this old school method of advertizing. You never know, putting yourself out there might just be the thing you need to find that key person to help put all the pieces of a band into place.

5. Facebook

I saved the best for last. Also the most obvious choice to finding others to jam with. It goes without saying that Facebook is the largest Social Networking site on the planet. So by simply going there, doing a search for local musicians, you're going to run into someones Facebook profile in your area to contact. It's a great way to not only find guitarists but thousands of people around the world and in your own backyard to share your love of music and guitars.

Hope this guide informs and enlightens. I know how hard it can be living in a rural area to find similar people who share my passion for guitars. Getting on and offline can yield surprising results for you. Good luck in your quest and by all means, if you have other ways to find players and musicians, post them in the comments. Happy Picking Y'all!


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    • Chris Kross profile image

      Chris Kross 6 years ago from Dallas, TX

      That video was sick. I play too, although there is no shortage of jam buddies around here. In fact, I was just about thrown into a band (at bass) when I first started out.

      Another great Hub! Keep 'em coming.