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Guitar Tuning in 2018

Updated on July 16, 2018
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A retired guy that remembers when values were not measured in monetary terms but were all about the important things in life.

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I have several dedicated tuners rotting away now

Back in 2012 I wrote about guitar tuning and talked about various dedicated units that were pretty good at the task but all had short comings. Some only worked on electrics via a cable connection and some worked by using the vibration in the headstock but with battery power were not consistent once the battery started draining.

So this old musician recently got into the modern age and got himself one of those nice smartphones and found the GuitarTuna App in Google Play. I have an electric bass, electric guitar and a seldom used acoustic guitar (unless you play them regularly your fingering hand fingertips turn into hamburg meat) that all require tuning to play properly. Nothing is worse than playing a musical instrument that is clearly out of tune.

So I tried the app and was just blown away at how simple it was and also how accurate. I tune everything to A440 so the free app (yes free) seems to be good enough so far. I will investigate further the Pro version to see if it helps maybe for getting my voice on key.

I found that while wearing shorts the easiest way to use the tuner for any guitar whether plugged in or not was to slip it into the space between my thigh and the right short pant leg and just let the indicator be visible. Actually the beep sound is enough to let you know whether it is in tune but the added assist of whether you are too low or too high (in words on the screen) is extra helpful.

So I probably have spent over a $1,000 in the past searching for a usable tuner for all of my guitars and this one is by far and away the very best one I have ever used. I might just buy the Pro unit just to say thanks to GuitarTuna for making the world a more harmonic place and making it actually possible for a band to exist online but the players reside in places all over the world that have access to the Internet.

Now just how to figure out how to get rid of the lag from ISP providers. Maybe make streaming of movies, games and other spam on a separate channel and let musicians have a clear path to each other.

I don't plan to play the ukelele or violin or other stringed instrument but those are covered too and not just standard tuning. All the others seem to be there so kudos to GuitarTuna for this app and they do make money in the guitar classes they sell online so no worries they will be around longer than the rest of us.


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