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Guitar hack to learn the EASY way ! Don't waste time learning the traditional method

Updated on April 17, 2016

We all love Guitar but what is the easiest way for beginners to learn ?

Lets Start at the Begining

So you have tried learning traditional guitar and have given up in frustration - well i am here to tell you there is an EASIER way . Part of the problem with learning guitar is that there is too much information - you need to narrow your focus . Beginners need to learn basic chords and my Guitar Hack Gets you playing Hit songs with only Four Chords . If you are a beginner don't randomly learn chords - learn these Four Chords First

The Choice is Yours - The Easy way or the Hard Way

Learning These Four Chords will allow you to play virtually any Modern Hit Song ..

Don't believe me ? watch this video below

Axis of Awesome - Four Chords

Guitar Hack - The only Four Chords beginners need to learn

Drum Roll please ... The only 4 chords you need to learn to play all these 47 songs are

Four Chords - The Hard way

C major,G major,A minor,F major
C major,G major,A minor,F major

The above chords show the traditional way of fingering these chords .. Beginners can find these shapes quite awkward especially F major which is more usually played as a barre chord

A much easier way of playing these same chords is pictured below - but remeber to do this we must first retune our guitars

Retune that Guitar and learn these 4 Easy Chord Shapes in Open C Tuning !

Watch How to Retune your Guitar to play these 4 chords the easy way

So we are in tune - Show Me The Chords !!

When you strum all six strings you are playing your First Chord - C major .

Easy isn't it !!

The next three chords we need to play all 47 hit songs are

G major , A Minor and F Major

The EASY way - Open C Tuning

Remember you need to Retune your Guitar to Open C Tuning - If you play these chord shapes in Standard tuning they will sound horrible !

So how easy are these chords to play - Let me show you !

What to hear other songs in Open Tuning ?? Check this video out - John Butler playing Spring to Come

Now it's time for a POLL - I look forward to seeing your opinion ! Feel free to also leave a comment below ..

Who Believes that learning chords in Open C is easier than the traditional method ?

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    • profile image

      TMGuitar 17 months ago

      Hi Jake

      Thanks for your comment and i am glad that you are still playing.

      Open C tuning is not only for beginners but also for the more experienced guitarist who become bored of playing in standard tunings .. When you are in an open tuning it gives you a different perspective , gets you out of your comfort zone [breaks the rut you have been in] and allows you to enjoy playing by ear . The thing i love most about it is the freedom from theory - you learn what sounds good through trial and error :)

    • profile image

      Jake 17 months ago

      Wow i wish i had seen this when i was learning guitar lol