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Guitar Open G tuning chords

Updated on May 13, 2016

Chord diagram

First, read my other hub Guitar in Open G tuning. These are the harmonised scale chords in the key of G, arranged in an ascending sequence. Due to the open strings, these should have a great tone and sustain, and really bring out the tone. They will work on acoustic or electric.

Another new hub entitled Guitar in Open G has more chord pictures.

Then there is Open G Guitar - we are getting a theme here!

Harmonics chords are shown with cross signs - just barre very lightly directly above the fret, not where you would normally finger a barre chord.They should ring for all eternity.

Also on the third line - Keith Richards style chords for rockin' out. Hold the barre down and hammer-on the chord shape with other fingers.

Tuning your guitar to open G (low to high pitch) D G D G B D

Tune strings 1 and 6 down two frets (take it slowly) and tune string 5 down to G. You can use the 3rd string as a reference note.

Chords in Open G tuning

Wild Horses

I did link to this video, but it has been taken down. Look it up on Youtube - Stones unplugged studio version. One of my favourite acoustic tracks, this is the Stones at their very best, with a great open G tuning guitar part. Using the chord chart above (use an F chord too) you can work out a great version of this song. Isn't Keef great? I love everything he plays on this, and Ronnie is trying hard too. Keyboard is wonderfully understated too. Oh, and the vocal harmonies!

Little Green by Joni Mitchell is also in this tuning, and Blackbird by the Beatles. Blackbird works OK in normal tuning, but Open G is the best if you have the patience. I'm not transcribing these tunes because of copyright restrictions.Although Youtube breaches copyright on an epic scale, I think it's justified by the educational value involved, and I don't think the writers or artists suffer on balance.

Slide Blues

If you replace the barre at frets 5,7,12 with a slide this tuning is ideal for playing slide. Try notes at fret 3 too for a real blues sound, with vibrato.The slide rocks back and forward, but ends up above the fret again.It's really easy to get started on this, and it's probably the most fun you can have on guitar. Listen to Bonnie Raitt playing slide.

See also my hub Guitar - slide basics


Try using these chords to write your own songs. As they sound so great, you might only need to use 3 or 4 of them to come up with something good, and this is the best way to really explore a guitar tuning.

Check my other hub Guitar in Open G tuning for some more ideas, links to Bob Brozman blues videos,etc.


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    • Jon Green profile image

      Jon Green 6 years ago from Frome, Somerset, UK

      Hi - the new Open G Guitar covers that. Cheers, Jon

    • Jon Green profile image

      Jon Green 6 years ago from Frome, Somerset, UK

      That might be on another hub - but if not I'll do one.

    • profile image

      Joseph Jacobs 6 years ago

      Nice, but please put some more simple (1 or 2) finger chords - possibly all the simple barre chords too



    • Jon Green profile image

      Jon Green 7 years ago from Frome, Somerset, UK

      You're welcome Bill. Open tunings such as Dadgad, open D, Open G are a great way of discovering new sounds. It's good to have a guitar dedicated to that tuning though.

    • profile image

      billreid 7 years ago

      Jon, thanks for the benefit of your knowledge. It has given me a renewed interest in trying out new things on the guitar.