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Guitarist of a Wonderful Quality

Updated on September 15, 2011

Wonderful Guitar

The great musicians of the world are too numerous to name. In my world, the guitar is the ultimate musical instrument. The fabulous guitarist that I am familiar with, have greatly influenced my interest in this fine stringed instrument. Guitarist such as Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Glen Campbell, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, and B.B. King, are some of the greats and I literally worshiped the ground that they walked on for many happy years. I was lucky enough to see many of them all at once in a movie recently, in which they were teamed up against one another in a Blues festival competition. It was such a fine honor to get to hear them play. I owned a Gibson Guitar for several years and learned to play as a child when I listened to my grandfather play some of his old southern country ballads. I would get out his guitar when I would pay him a visit, and pluck on the strings whenever I got the chance.

Over the years as I became better in my playing, I enjoyed many happy hours, as I picked my way into a world of my own. I tried to mimic several guitarists that I had heard play and did pretty well as I did my best in copying their styles.I became disabled in 1992 and from that time own, I had plenty of time on my hands in which to learn the guitar.From High E's to low E's and all the chords in between, I tried my best to learn to chord my guitar. I was able to do a pretty fair job until recently, when I was unable to use my left hand after being involved in an accident in which I had a fall. I still listen to the greats of guitar playing fame and there is no better music for me on the face of this green earth. I used to watch country and western players whenever I got the chance. Chet Atkins has always been one of the greatest guitarists and his ability in playing that stringed instrument is fantastic in his ability to make all of the chords and beautiful sounds that eminate from that guitar.

I advise any one who may be interested in learning to play the guitar to get an instructor first, and then buy yourself an instruction book, preferably with a tape or C.D. and practice, practice, practice. A good guitar, such as a Fender or Gibson, will make all the difference, in learning to play. An acoustic guitar is recommended to begin with. This is also called a flat top guitar. An electric, of course will have to have an amplifier attachment in order to play this type of guitar. A bass guitar is an electric with low resonating sounds made by its strings and meant to be used as an accompaniment to regular electrics and the music that is played. Some of the finest guitar musicians in the world play on acoustic guitars. Many wonderful Spanish guitarist have made great names for themselves in the world of music, as they played acoustic type guitars. Rock bands have become famous all over the world in using electric guitars and many have come over from England in recent years.

Ballads are my favorite kind of guitar music and I can listen to them forever. I have gone to sleep many nights, as I listened to wonderful ballads played by leading classical players around the world. They are saying more and more that healing that takes place throughout the body can be greatly enhanced by listening to beautiful calming sounds of music. I know that many times during the day, when I feel bad or upset, To turn on the player or television to the music channel has greatly helped me to overcome these problems. There can be no greater form of music in the world than guitar melodies and their musicians who are so gifted in making these wonderful sounds,and are, in my estimation, the best there is.


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    • jandee profile image

      jandee 5 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

      Hello, I loved reading about how you love the guitar.

      I love to hear finger picking but my very best music has to be the piano,progressive jazz !


      enjoyed your write,

      best from jandee

    • profile image

      wisdom press 6 years ago

      Good tips, but I still can't tune the dang thing !