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Guitar talk-past and present

Updated on August 4, 2011

1954 custom Gibson Les Paul

Finding the right guitar

Finding the right electric guitar can prove to be quite the challenge for most beginning guitar players, sometimes cheap is not always the best way to go, not saying a person should run out and buy the most expensive guitar on the market, in my opinion the better the instrument the better the musician. There are a lot of music stores that sell a high quality guitar at a reasonable price, shop around and find the one that fits you, a lot of beginner guitar players will give up and put there guitar in the closet because it's not the right guitar for them and they get discouraged and give up, don't let this be you ! find your match and enjoy the road to your new found talent. A good friend once said "every guitar has it's story"


My first new guitar

I purchased my first new guitar in 1987 which was a Squire2 fender Stratocaster, (i still play it at gigs to this day) the only changes that i made through out the years was remove the single coil bridge pickup and replace it with a Seymour Duncan humbucker which gave it the heavier rock/metal sound i needed for the 90's rock that was hitting the air waves, and i also replaced the tremelo only because the metal was cracking from use and age, the thin maple neck,low action and cut away body makes this a great guitar from beginners to pro.

gibson studio guitar

Les Paul studio guitar

I purchased my 2nd new guitar in the mid 90's it was a Jackson dinky reverse, this guitar offered a 24 fret maple neck, dual humbuckers and a Floyd Rose double locking tremelo, this guitar ranked right up there with my strat in sound and playability, sadly it was stolen from my band rehearsal room in 2006, so i then started playing on a 67 Les Paul which was left in care of the band from a great friend and band mate, who past away. I fell in love with the great tone that the Gibsons are known for, so in 2006 my family and band mates saw how much i enjoyed the Gibson Les Paul and pulled together and replaced my stolen Jackson with a Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar , it has the same great feel and sound that the 1967 Les Paul offers accept the weight is a lot less, "that is great when your doing a 4 hour show". They began making the studio Les Paul in 1983, it's a great guitar and has grown to be very popular in the Les Paul series. "Special thanks to my family and friends".

1'683 guitars playing Smoke on the water. WORLD RECORD

My gibson studio guitar helping break a world record

In june of 2007 i got the privilege of participating in breaking the world record, of the most guitars to play the same song. (Smoke on the water) , originally recorded by (Deep Purple). My number was 557. There was a lot of old guitars, new guitars, and self built guitars on display prior to the show. I along with 1,682 other guitar players, had the time of our lives. I actually got a couple of video shots of me wearing a black hat and my police line guitar strap, 3:18 and 5:02, JAMMIN with my Les Paul studio. AWESOME !!

Feel free

Feel free to tell me about your guitar experience, i enjoy hearing stories of other musician and there ups and downs during there quest to find the right guitar for them.

Everything a guitarist needs

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