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Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape Tour"

Updated on January 25, 2009
Photo during Yummy preformance, Gwen shown here with Harajuku Girls
Photo during Yummy preformance, Gwen shown here with Harajuku Girls
Akon & Gwen Stefani preforming "Sweet Escape"
Akon & Gwen Stefani preforming "Sweet Escape"

My First Concert: The Sweet Escape Tour

For the first time in my life last year, for my birthday, I had a chance to attend my first concert, Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape Tour." I was so ecstatic when I heard about the concert coming to my area [Virginia Beach at the time] that I marked my calendar and added an alert to my Sidekick 3 so that I would be one of the first to buy tickets. I also signed up on Gwen Sefani's own website; this is where I joined her Sweet Escape Club(I am a huge fan of hers so I splurged) which gave me access to better seats and an opportunity to buy them a day earlier than everyone else who wasn't a member. Finally the day came in early February 2007 (the concert would not be held until May 15, 2007) and as soon as I woke up I was online looking for my tickets. I was feeling giddy inside like a little kid as I scanned the Virginia Beach, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre's seating availability. It only took me like 5 minutes to find the seats I wanted. I purchased second row, center stage seats; yes, I spent a good amount on the ticket's but again I am a HUGE fan of Gwen Stefani. So now not only was I going to my very first concert, I was going to be right in front of her! I was so excited and impatient for the day of the concert to come.

When May 15th came I tried to make sure everything would run smoothly this day so that I wouldn't be late to the concert. I made sure my friend would be off in time, I took the day off myself, and had my brother watch my sons for me. Everything went as planned and we left our house around 4:30pm to get to a concert that started at 7:30pm. The Amphitheatre was about 25 miles away from me; majority of it being highway and the terrible and always conjested, Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. I couldn't believe we had clear sailing all the way through the highways. Then we got about a 1.5 miles away from the Amphitheatre and we were stuck. I was so upset; it took from 5 something to about 8:30pm to finally get to the parking gates. Next was the long wait to find a parking space. When we finally parked all my frustration instantly went away.

As we started walking to the ticket gates I could here Akon singing; I really didn't care that I missed him or the opening act, Lady Sovereign. All I cared about was not missing any of Gwen's preformance. Finally, we arrived at the 'VIP' tent to get my tickets and club membership perks, a Sweet Escape Club card, Gwen Stefani logo stickers, and comemorative concert tickets. As we were walking into the Amphitheatre they were counting down Gwen's preformance start on huge flat-screened monitors all around. We only had about minute or so to run down to our seats before she started. When we got down to the floor level we couldn't find our seats, and as we were looking for them her show was began. I remember the beginning so clearly, the tamborines started going and the tune, then finally the bass came in; The Sweet Escape was starting. I was so happy, grinning from ear to ear like a kid on Christmas. I found our seats and as we were trying to get to them, one of the Harajuku Girls was coming down the aisle towards us. As a matter of fact she sat down right next to us, but across the aisle. I remember fumbling so badly when I tried to get my camera out that I missed my close photo op of her. (my picture wound up being the back of the security guard) Guess you could say I got a little "star struck" for a moment there. We got into our seats right as Gwen was coming out in a gold jail cell; they also had this huge "G" logo floating above the stage that kept flashing to sound of her music. She opened with Akon singing her single, Sweet Escape. It was a great preformance; they did an excellent job with her wardrobe and choreography, especially her dancer's, The Harajuku Girls.

The order of her preformances that night are as followed:

  1. The Sweet Escape
  2. Rich Girl
  3. Yummy
  4. 4 in the Mornin'
  5. Luxurious
  6. Early Winter
  7. Wind it Up
  8. Fluorescent
  9. Danger Zone
  10. Holla Back Girl
  11. Now That You Got It (Reggae version)
  12. Don't Get it Twisted
  13. Cool
  14. Wonderful Life
  15. Orange County Girl


  • The Real Thing
  • U Started It
  • What You Waiting For

I loved the entire preformance, she new how to work her crowd very well and keep them entertained. The had many costume changes; every couple of songs Gwen and The Harajuku Girls would come out in a new outfit that was way cooler than the last. Her band was awesome too, they were full of energy and crowd participation as well. Out of all her songs that she had sang my top 3 preformances were, Sweet Escape, Holla Back Girl, and Orange County Girl. Everyone in her group that night did such a great job and I had a great time.

When the show ended they took their bow and ran off the stage. We preceded to leave the inside of the Amphitheatre to get back to our car. Along the way my friend and I decided to stop at one of the souvineer stands. All I bought for myself was a couple of Gwen Stefani pins; one with her "G" logo, and the other said, "Sweet Escape Tour." To my surprise, my friend and significant other [for an added birthday bonus] bought a Gwen Stefani, Sweet Escape Tour t-shirt. That was the icing on the cake for me that night.

I had the greastest time for my first concert experience. I would do it all over again when Gwen Stefani has another tour. Gwen is an awesome singer, song writer, dancer, and entertainer. You guys need to check her out if you haven't before.

Sweet Escape preformance snippet

Gwen singing U started it.
Gwen singing U started it.


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    • stylezink profile image

      stylezink 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA.

      Thanks ForeverGlamGirl for the comment! & Thanks for reading!

    • ForeverGlamGirl profile image

      ForeverGlamGirl 6 years ago from New York

      really cool hub.....great job

    • profile image

      Boogie85 9 years ago

      Great hub, I like Gwen Stefani and No Doubt too. You have some great photos from the concert too.

      Like he said above just leave earlier next time!

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

      You certainly have the ability to make me think I was there.

      Your parking seems to be somewhat abysmal. Next concert you will have to leave earlier

    • profile image

      Bunkie 9 years ago

      Great Hub! Very descriptive, I almost feel like I was there with you :) Awesome pics as well.