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Is Gwyneth Paltrow the Most Beautiful Woman in the World?

Updated on May 22, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow as Beauty

Is she the most beautiful girl in the world as it is stating in People magazine? To many in Hollywood she is a beauty. She is more beautiful to them than others partly because she is so skinny. She also has long blonde hair. But is that in itself enough to be called the most beautiful woman? She is forty years old now. It seems to me just as if they needed to pick someone and she was there. People in Hollywood and New York get together and think that she is the one. She is not getting older, she is just getting better they think. I think she is getting older like anyone else.

The stars have many things like makeup and hairdressers that the general public does not. She has beauty treatments available to her that the general public can only dream of. Then she can buy any dresses and accessories to make herself look beautiful if she wants to. Of course, she is going to look beautiful. She has spent all of her time doing just that. It is also just her genes. I don't myself think it is a beautiful face at all. It is rather skinny.

Is beauty just really in the eye of the beholder? Doesn't she really look like any secretary next door with a smile on her face? She smiles a lot but is that enough? Is there something that is really making her more beautiful than other women? Or is this just something that the media would like the public to be led to believe? They will certainly sell more movie tickets if that were to be true to her next movie.

Men I am sure like her. She is there and available and a sweet girl. Many of the actresses that they do have in Hollywood are especially chosen so that they do not make others jealous. They do not want really beautiful women in their commercials and movies that will make people resent them. They want someone really that people will relate to. I don't think that she is in reality that much prettier than a lot of other women around. I see women all over that are actual beauties. They are much prettier really. But it is to let the magazine play their little games. People generally leave the magazines and the media alone to play their games.

I think that many people may agree with that, that she is the most beautiful. She can seem like that. It depends on what the individual person thinks. But to many people those actresses are not that beautiful. I have heard them complaining in the theaters and elsewhere. She is just someone that is always in the movies. The directors and producers decide to use her and that is it. It does not really mean that everyone thinks that. There are many people that do think that, but others have their own opinion. That is not just my opinion but many people's opinion of the general public. It is also not just for her but for other actresses in Hollywood. In person they can be quite ordinary.

It is really no surprise to me that she shows up on the most hated list. I don't think that she is exactly the best actress in the world. She is someone that you might tend to resent. That is even though she has probably not done anything to deserve it. She is probably not that conceited or mean. The celebrities do tend to be conceited. But just from being there I think she is not exactly a person that is not conceited either.

Gwyneth Paltrow as Most Hated

She has also been chosen to be on top of the list of Most Hated Celebrities from Star Magazine. Some people think Star magazine is kind of a rag but I respect it myself. I think that this was carefully thought out. Women and the general public really resent some people that they see as being stuck up and self centered. They don't know why these people were chosen to be in the movies and why they should be treated as if they are better looking than someone else. Everyone has an idea of themselves mainly as being a good looking person. They do not like being told that someone else is better looking. That is particularly true when there is not that much there to really back up the facts.

There is something about her that may irritate other women. She is very skinny and they wonder how can someone stay that thin. She is rich and from a show business family. She was born into it with a golden spoon in her mouth as it were. It can lead to a lot of resentment. I don't think her mother was that good either or special. I think she can seem to be overly sweet. There is just nothing there I think to a lot of people. She tries very hard but still there is nothing there. She just has a lot with very little effort. I think that is really the problem. There is just nothing extraordinary about her. We do not just all love her as would happen with some of the actresses in the past.

I should say that I do not really have anything against her. Sometimes you can feel a bit resentful. None of the actresses there were rude to me or anything. It was mainly the casting directors. It is just for the article and to write about the title. She is certainly a good looking girl.

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Gwyneth Paltrow



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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 4 years ago from America

      I think she is pretty. Beautiful never there are many women that are beautiful but she is not one of them. I also don't think she is very well liked by most people. Just my opinion. Voted up.

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