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Gyo: When Fish Attack

Updated on April 2, 2012
Gyo | Source
Not your average fish...
Not your average fish... | Source
Try to avoid those pincers...just saying.
Try to avoid those pincers...just saying. | Source
What is a fish horror anime without some tentacle rape?
What is a fish horror anime without some tentacle rape? | Source

Gyo: The Fish

It's summer. Clear blue skies and a glaring yellow sun. The azure waves of the sea shimmer as you walk by on the soft sand of the beach. A typical beautiful summer's day. At first. All of a sudden, there is a putrid stench in the air, like the stench of something rotting... the stench of death. You figure that it's just a poor rotting animal in the blazing summer's heat, after all it's only logical. You begin to head back to the mainland, when you suddenly hear a mechanical creak. You glance behind and... you see a fish walking on land with mechanical pincer like legs. Your friend screams and throws things at it in fear. The fish scuttles close to her and manages to impale her foot with its pincers. Then it self destructs, splattering its guts and blood everywhere, along with that putrid odor permeating the air. You both sigh with relief, grateful it was just a minor wound and that the nightmare is over. Unfortunately, it has just barely begun...

This is just the beginning of Junji Ito's Gyo. Gyo or literally, "The Fish", is an original video animation (OVA) based on Junji Ito's manga of the same title. One could say it is a loose adaptation of the manga providing that many elements were altered and omitted to make it more appealing to the masses. If you have read the manga, it recommended that you do not watch this, because it does not stick to the basic 20 chapters of manga at all. However, if you haven't read it, you could watch it, just don't expect something completely amazing and mind blowing.

Meet Kaori, she's engaged to a man named Tadashi who is apparently very wealthy and has two annoying friends: the beautiful and promiscuous Erika, and the introverted and unappealing Aki. So to celebrate their graduation from university, the three girls decide to stay at Tadashi's summer home in Okinawa. Upon their stay, they discover walking fish with pincers. And not just puny fish, there are sharks and even larger fish with legs. The girls are attacked by the fish, and Erika gets wounded. Kaori contacts her boyfriend who is in Tokyo at the time, and he tells her not to come to Tokyo and abruptly ends the call. Kaori immediately flees , seeking Tadashi in hopes of saving him. The walking fish epidemic is spreading throughout Japan. Fish are on the streets killing pedestrians, causing destruction, and spreading the putrid odor of death in the air. However, there is another problem other than the fish... the consequences of the wounded humans...

I found Gyo to be enjoyable with a very original premise- walking attacking fish. But I did find it slightly disappointing, Kaori was portrayed as an extremely Mary Sue type of character , in other words, she had no flaws; not to mention there were more than a few plot holes, that was NOT found in the manga. It reminded me almost of a typical Hollywood horror movie with a pretty girl and her friends trying to survive. The animation was fine, just a lovely mix of CGI and art. In essence, Gyo is worthy to try out, since it is only a 1 hr OVA. Even if it is mediocre at some parts, I bet you will never look at fish the same way again.


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