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HBO Game Of Thrones

Updated on March 20, 2011

I first thought "Game of Thrones" to be just another commercialization of a conventional warfare chronicle. But once I read the book, I got inspired to play the board game "A game of thrones", and once I did that, I can't wait to watch the series. It all happened as an addictive chain reaction, with the result, I end up introducing you into this frozen empire. I even found an active fan-site which posts all spoilers, interviews and pictures about the TV Series. They also help fans watch Game of Thrones!

The fight for the Iron Throne has begun...


The story is set in the fictional continent of Westeros,  Westeros as official sources describe, is a land where summers last a decade and winters could even last a lifetime. There is a fight for the Iron throne of the Kingdom of Westerios, for which the royal families compete. One among those claiming the throne is the beautiful daughter of a King of Westeros, who had been killed in a civil war 15 years before. Westeros is protected from the dark forces of the north by a thick boundary of ice. Beyond which is the land inhabited by the "Others" whom the people thought had been extinct. But as the story progresses, they too seem to cause greater menace.

The ultimate Game of Thrones cast guide

Visit Game of Thrones cast page to get a quick idea about the cast of Game of Thrones and their complicated interconnections. 

The book, the game and the series

The title could have perhaps been, "Yesterday, today and tomorrow! " as the three came in such a way that the talk about "Game of thrones " was always unrest.

The Book:

In 1996, writer R.R.Martin released his epic novel, "A game of Ice and Fire". It took almost 6 years for him to come up with the novel. It was initially planned as a trilogy, but there was good response which led to the 4th sequel, and many more yet to come namely:-

  1. A game of thrones
  2. A Clash of Kings
  3. A Storm of Swords
  4. A Feast for Crows
  5. A Dance with Dragons
  6. The Winds of Winter - not yet released
  7. A Dream of Spring- not yet released

Game of Thrones: Trailer

Game of Thrones TV SERIES

The television adaptation of the novel is expected to feature the violent war among families to capture the prestigious iron throne. Created by David Banioff and Dan Weiss, the show has an extraordinary fan base who seem to faithfully follow "Game of Thrones" right from the time it was a literary success.HBO has officially released the cast and crew and I read an informal fan blog for Game Of Thrones,which contains up-to-date news, spoilers and pictures of the upcoming series. The show is to air on April 2011 and until then only fan sites should keep us posted!

Cast and Crew

Updated spoilers, trailers and more...

I am going to update this hub with spoilers, pictures and videos from Game of Thrones. For more updates you can visit the Game of Thrones fan-site that helps you watch Game of Thrones once it airs.

Game of Thrones "Iron throne" trailer


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