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"HELL BABY" Film Review

Updated on January 7, 2014


"HELL BABY" Look for it on DVD now!! Photo from : Movie in Cinemas
"HELL BABY" Look for it on DVD now!! Photo from : Movie in Cinemas | Source

The Devil, A House, and A Couple of Evil Babies

Have you ever moved into a house that was sight unseen before you arrived to your lovely new home? Imagine the possibilities of rats, roaches, gangs, and potential death that could be waiting on your doorstep with loving arms to greet you to your "brand new home". You can poison the rats, smash the roaches, join the gangs, or cheat your death, but with pure evil forces at work, things tend to get fun. Every house has it's own tales however not every house is a the spawn of Satan.

Not to Mislead Anyone...

I do not want to mislead anyone into thinking that this film might not be up your alley. It has a strong catholic presence within the context of all the evil "happenings". While set up to be a funny frolic through horror land, it could still potentially offend some of the more "conservative" patrons in the audience. Personally, I really enjoyed the "so dark it is black humor" alongside the gore and traditional "haunted house horror". The body count is not so high in this it would be in a slasher flick. The "spook/jump factor" worked out a little bit in HELL BABY unlike most horror/comedy picture shows. Rating this film "R" was a must and I hope to be able to see an UNCUT version someday along the road but I will not hold my breath. More horror than comedy in my factor allowed the creators to get away with a very deep tinge to the humor. The formula which was used to make this just works out so damn well.

Rob Corddry (Jack), Keegan Michael Key (F'resnel), and Leslie Bibb (Vanessa)

Rob Corddry (Jack), Keegan Michael Key (F'resnel), and Leslie Bibb (Vanessa) enjoying a moment. Photo from Supervisor Wire
Rob Corddry (Jack), Keegan Michael Key (F'resnel), and Leslie Bibb (Vanessa) enjoying a moment. Photo from Supervisor Wire | Source

The Setup and Knock 'Em Dead Approachj

The couple (Jack & Vanessa) are expecting a bundle of joy on the way and have decided to move into a new place. When they get to their destination they slowly realize that is what not all that it was cracked up to be. Trying to make the best out of the situation they keep themselves in the dark at the gang territory that surrounds the house and the fact that things are a little "off" with what goes on inside. It isn't long until Jack (Rod Corddry) is forced into taking Vanessa (Leslie Bibb) to a doctor to see if she is perfectly alright or the move has just affected her stress levels. The Doctor (Michael Ian Black) she sees lets her know everything is ok, gives her meds, and sends her on her way. Jack is not so sure.

The guy who sold them the house does not stay far from them and is always there when help is needed. F'resnel (Keegan Michael Key) is becoming more like a permanent fixture to their house than just the former landowner. Jack is informed that the police would like to ask him a few questions.

Vintage Style Film Poster

"The Devil Got a Baby Mama." Photo from : Following Your Fears
"The Devil Got a Baby Mama." Photo from : Following Your Fears | Source

HELL BABY - Official Trailer

"Hell Baby" Prenatal Care Quiz

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