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HIMYM -- How The Finale Killed The Show

Updated on April 1, 2014

This finale may even be worse than the LOST finale

I never thought I'd say those words, but HIMYM delivered a slap in the face to viewers who weren't Ted and Robin shippers and it was a nine year long one. They were left wondering what the heck they were watching this show for when what they were lead to believe was the premise of the show was a lie. It wasn't How I Met Your Mother, but How I Ended Up With Robin.

So this is how it went. Viewers were subjected to woman after woman wondering if this was the mother for season after season. Then they finally learn who the mother is and have to wait another season for Ted to finally meet her. Only for her to die and in the final minutes have the kids say the show was never really about Ted meeting the mother, but getting together with Robin. It made the title and premise of the show utterly pointless. A big waste of time.

The same can be said of the season-long Robin and Barney wedding. The episode after they finally get married they break them up because Robin doesn't care enough about her marriage to cut back a little on her travel and work time. Then the next seen she's whining about how Ted was the one she should have married. So why were subjected to this long drawn out Barney and Robin wedding when it was going to break up in the very next episode? It was just another waste of the viewers time. It's investing all this time and emotion in something that ultimately means nothing.

I only started watching the show this season, and I started hearing rumors that they were going to kill off the mother, which kind of made no sense after taking nine years to finally reveal her. But I never had a clue they'd actually get Ted together with the awful Robin in the end. Then came the finale.

The first shocker was them having Barney and Robin divorce early into the finale. I was just left sitting there thinking, "Really? Then what was this season-long wedding for? Why drag the wedding out for so long when it ultimately was all for nothing? Then there was Robin's whining declaration about how she should have married Ted instead? Really? And would he have put up with your work schedule anymore than Barney did? Or would you have possibly cut back on your work schedule because it was Ted instead of Barney? Of course, two seconds after the mother died and the kids declared this show was never about the mother but Robin, that's when I turned it off in disgust.

I've seen a lot of Ted and Robin shippers loving how the show ended and telling the outraged viewers to get over it. The Lost diehards did the same to people like me were outraged at the way Lost ended. I'm sure they'll next try to enlighten the angry viewers who feel they wasted nine years on a show that wasn't even what the title said it was about on the beauty of the ending. That's what Lost diehards tried to do.

I really don't know what the writers were thinking of. They build up the mother as Ted's true love and then kill her off so Ted can end up with the disgusting drunk skank who wasn't the true love. It makes the show virtually pointless to rewatch. I mean, why sit through the host of Not Mothers when in the end the writers tell you the show isn't even about Ted meeting the mother but ending up with Rent-A-Skank?

It'll be interesting to see if HIMYM disappears from syndication as quickly as Lost did once its finale was aired. See, like the HIMYM writers, the Lost writers made it virtually pointless to rewatch the show. Of course, neither set of writers seemed to get that would kill any residuals from syndication they might have otherwise been filling their pockets with if they had written an ending that was more satisfying to the viewers so they'd want to rewatch the entire show again.

The HIMYM writers may have further shot themselves in the foot with their awful ending in regards to the new show they're doing: How I Met Your Dad. Seriously, after telling viewers HIMYM was never really about the mother, how do you know after leading you around the nose for several seasons wanting to know who the father is, they don't pull the same crap and say the show was never about the father?

So I hope the writers enjoy the fast one they pulled on viewers with the revelation the title of the show and Ted's search for the mother never met anything and was all just filler until that magic moment he got back together with the magical Robin. It may end up biting them in their backsides for a long time to come.

Well, I will say this. If the writers wanted the viewers to always remember their finale they succeeded, but probably not in the way they hoped. I'm sure viewers will always remember the nine years they wasted on a show that wasn't even about a guy dating all these women who weren't right for him until he found The One. Instead once her found her she dies and he ends up with a woman that was never right for him and whose relationship never worked.

I don't think the ending would have been so bad if the writers could have resisted from giving loyal viewers that slap in the face delivered by Ted's kids telling viewers the show was never about Ted finding the mother. It just made the nine years viewers loyally watch this show a waste of time they would never get back on something they were lead to believe was true, but was always intended to be a lie.


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