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Updated on February 18, 2011

What Catches the Eye of The Blog To make Them Want to Read?

I find myself tapping my fingers wondering what gets these Internet driven people who are intelligent and seek excitement and interesting fodder to read and comment on, or even ponder on what me as a professional blogger/writer has written or said. When I try and think of a subject to blog about, I get the total writer's block to the max. I'm sure it's happened to many like myself. I've read many a Facebook post of others in my same boat on different levels. Some go to school, take classes, even teach, and they must be thinking as I think, that maybe we need to keep making it fresh and engaging.

Engaging, what a word to use for me. I am very engaging, or as one boss told me at William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills CA about October 1986 "Siegel you give good interview!"

The first thing I did learn from being a professional blogger is to try and read other people's stuff, read the news on the Net, scan all the posts on YouTube, watch as many viral videos as my eyes can muster, and then learn to take myself apart from it all and BE DIFFERENT, yet still have the attention of the Short Attention Span (otherwise known as the ADHD crowd --- LOL just kidding) readers out there who still actually take the time. I received an interesting comment from a college buddy I hardly knew in school, but became friendlier with on Facebook. He told me, "Leslie, you made me start to read again!" He was not kidding. I do have a flair for the scribe. I see myself 2000 years ago as a scribe sitting beside King Tut scratching out on clay everything he did and said.

The first thing we do as bloggers is to touch on the center of the subject in the top title sentence so the search engines will pick it up as 'meta key word ultimate'. It's a good idea to test different words. I find words like: celebrity Hollywood hotties strength top best #1 or any number of 'rah-rah' words used to attract the attention of the engines such as Bing, Google, yahoo, MSN and many sub-engines such as Webcrawler, Go, Momma, ALLtheWEB, ALEXA, LYCOS, even AOL. It's amazing hands on learning, trial and error helped me get where I am.

Looking for something new and fresh has it's ups and downs. We need to keep it all up and energy bound. That's not an easy feat. Sometimes we just get cramps from our period, or get a cold, or the our kids are clamoring around us, even those without children have their mates or friends in the mix.

I've had the opportunity to fine tune my writing skills and trend seeking subject matter (sometimes a bit rebellious, but fine tuned all the same) by helping really ego driven clients I obtained to talk and let me type as they rattle off their lives or ideas. Through listening and reading back what they said, I start to realize that you can actually write your own blogs or articles from what they said by listening to it over and over and then re creating what they said, but putting it in a whole new subject. That takes much practice and 'honing', but can be achieved. Ask any teacher about that, you'll get the right answer. I've always wanted to teach and have had a chance to try that hat on many times through the years.

I can't say that I have the best reputation as a professional blogger, I have made too many mistakes, too many offbeat snide posts, tons of the same title name (Blogger Queen Leslie Siegel), and too much hype of the 'bells and whistles' chiming in the dreaded "S" word, ending in "M"... can't even say it, but you all know what I mean by it, and I don't mean to do it. I've been called many things such as a "content S......r" "SCO Black", "dirty bloggers like L..... S....."

God, when I think back to my earlier days of just slapping up a post that "I wrote the tv series Melrose Place not Darin Star or Aaron Spelling..." when I should have taken my evidence and ran to an attorney first. But I did not. Believe me, if you see my earliest post (an early 1995 ad touting Netflix) where I said '...the service wouldn't work because people would be too lazy to return the DVD's," but I was wrong. But if I had worded it this way, "People eventually will only have to punch it up on their computers and Netflix will have their own site for those folks to download from home and still pay!" But, I didn't know better 15 years ago when it was all so new.

So bottom line, what catches the eyes of the blog to the short attention span theater audience out there in cyber land has to be a part of what is trending. I tend to scour the celebrity based stories of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher, Donald Trump, Bret Micheals and others, then I just tie in what I write to include their names in such a way as to drew interest and attention.

Then I can post them on Facebook, blogs, other sites, and write articles about it as I do now. Many other posting and portal type Internet blogging is very acceptable to use so use it. It's a technique and you can't just drop it anywhere and 'will' it to stay. Whatever it is, try and relate it to where you post it. A good example is when Bret Michaels of the band Poison won The Apprentice. How I tied it in with my articles and blogs was to tie in Bret and I.

In 1983 I lived in the same Hollywood apartment building as Bret and his whole band Poison. It was like a big happy family with me, Bret, his band, my boyfriend at the time and other fledging Glam bands. So when I dropped my blog or link I would casually mention my association. I have an excellent memory and keep accurate diaries to this day and pulled out my diaries from those years and drew from that. It procured a nice blog post that shows up to this day, but you will have to find your own or search for mine. It's easy and you don't even have to type in my name.

Most who go on the net for fun seem to be a majority of the children of the early 1980's, who are parents now and have their own kids. That is according to my large YouTube stats. If you want to see what and who goes to your blogs and what key words draw them to your blogs and writings, you must have a stat board to study and watch for trends. Just like Yahoo now has a top 10 trending board, so must you have stats counters on all your writings no matter what. Then you learn what to do and what not to do. Never trash your family, never trash your pals, even if you've only known them very short. Take my word for that. Discover it on your own. It's impossible to get rid of all the cookies in the jar, you cookie monster eating Interneters!

If you put your own names in Google you may get you and millions of others with your same name, so try and blog without using your name, and give yourself a moniker like I did. BLOGGER QUEEN. After you establish that, put in your moniker name along side the words novelist, artist, singer, or whatever you want to be seen as. I got what I wanted and when someone typed the key word, my blog came up in its own category. May I give you a quick example:

Here is a story of ghosts without using my name I have shown up on first page Google and most search engines, so take a click in and see my posts #1 - #6!!!!! here:

Stay tuned for more on "what catches the eye of the blog to the reader" and let me know if you enjoyed this by commenting or calling and leaving word at my special Internet message line: 206-222-0786!


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