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Updated on December 5, 2011


I have been known for many years, since Social Media has exploded, as a blogger queen, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound to get someone or their business to first page Google. I can do it so easily, even blindfolded, so just call me the Houdini of the Internet for blogging and allowing the engines to see the product, service or celebrity right smack in the middle of the first pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Just tell me the product, the name, some key words, and we are off to Blogger-Land where candy is sweeter and people love you all the time.

Then I said to myself, maybe there should be a different approach, I should save all blogging work locally, take some of it down, but then use it to pitch other businesses, celebrities, or production companies, with "here is a sample of my work, this is what I can do!" That could be a new way to attract the right money paying blogger friendly types or even movie companies into letting me blog for them. Then "What is this chick doing?" comes up a lot. Sometimes the one I am blogging begins to wonder about me, even learn to dislike my Guerrilla Advertising mode of operations, even if they are showing or winning the engine wars.

"Celebrities are a lot like ship engine manufacturers- they both spew out noxious waste and they both want to control media content." I as a blogger suffer similar things as my 'non-Occupy-Wall Street businessman or at least the same slant, but it's the same ideas and principles. You are not alone in this regards!

He claims that he has similar problems - "...even though I deal with Wall Street stocks, maritime and ship engines and things less sexy than celebrities. For example, he, at the time of my article inception, was writing about scrubbers for marine engines on big boats - impossible to get quotes the way he wanted them.

It goes right back to control, everyone wants to control the message so I take control by weaving a story around it. It also might be a grand idea for my blogging, and getting the RIGHT attention.

The uncertainty puts value on optionality; vendors must also make big decisions on which horse to back- or maybe whether to back multiple horses. Within the environmental category, where buyers’ choices are unpredictable, the ability of offering two competing scrubber systems takes on real economic value. I'll have to remember that and put it in terms of what I am doing.

I come across celebrity types, actors, and the like, and I've absolutely noticed (especially with musicians and artists) that most of them want to control their own brand. My latter difficulties are reflective of that when I notice that my business clients, whether free or not, become bit fickle. If they have management, suddenly they decide to back off with the blogging (after I get rolling and they are showing), Oy Vey!

It's troubling to me when I start blogging someone new. Are they afraid of copyright infringement? Could it be I seem bigger than they are? Perhaps they thought I'd try to steal their work by the inspiration it gives me? It could be many things I would not do, why would I, I want their business, not their artwork. Blogging is very ego boosting business, for myself as the blogger, and for the client when they do see themselves up in the engines. A businessman friend said, "It's just business, keep going, don't stop!"

But I have to stop, just to start to fathom that today's fan appreciation goes beyond a kid with a scrap book and cut-outs from celeb magazines. Now you can go online and publish it, even contact and chat with the celebrity or artist. That's not in the PR playbook. And that's because of the birth of social media and the net, it's becoming an unwritten law.

So it got me thinking! I think what I should be doing is managing the whole social media thing for clients, celebrity-driven or not, pop icons or musicians; entertainment industry types, even banks! That can be a real business for me or any professional blogger. It's an extension of what I am doing right now with the blogging and making the client come up first page Google or most search engines.

Just think about it like a Wall Street business man would (MBA style) - the marketing paradigms are shattered, partially, the entrenched insiders are trying to hold on, but there is a flood of new media, new outlets, etc. As far as that business advice is concerned, I was told, as a blogger, to have a foothold in both the old way of doing stuff, and now all the new social media stuff and blending it up a bit. (Thanks BP)!

That is what I, as a blogger, have been trying to do. Changing with the times and moving with the media shakers on Facebook and Youtube. All I added was using Facebook to promote the client after blogs and portals are built on certain sites like and Yahoo Answers.

It sounds simple, but sometimes the client I am blogging gets upset by a strange phased question and I have to remove it. It's the client's key words, and I just make it show up, make the engines want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is the essence of blogging.

In the words of my Wall Street Ghost writer hint man:


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