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Updated on December 28, 2012

Sci-Fi Writer R. Scott Lemriel Gives Away Secrets About How Film Studio Heads Decide On Trilogy!

R. Scott Lemriel has the right stuff to have books published. There is a fine line to be drawn here in this tricky, but lucrative entertainment industry we call home ... The Film Studio Guys In Suits?

One of the Top Sci-Fi writers of 2011, R. Scott. Lemriel is like a "Stranger On A Lost Island". He is about someone who is not native to this World; who finds himself here and realizes he is a stranger and maybe that is why a lot of people relate to his writing. Read the interview and learn some tricks in dealing with getting noticed to get in the door and how it all works at film studio pitch meetings and connections. Remember, it's not what you know, or who you know, it's who knows who you know. Get it?

What are you writing, what are you doing?

"I've finished writing several very involved projects. One called 'The Parallel Time Trilogy' novel (three books) based upon my previously written screenplay trilogy and another novel titled, 'The Seres Agenda' that unfold in episodic novel formats. In fact," R. Scott Lemriel told me, "I just finished the writing of 'The Seres Agenda' today by completing the 557th last page. But I've spent 30 years exploring and gaining personal experiences on the subjects I write about. They are very unique Sci-Fi adventure novels base on true personal phenomenal experiences over the years. That's the best way to say it. They are Revealing Phenomenal Epic Adventure Stories. What this means is that although the plots are fictional, they are based on out-of-this-world true-life experiences. The universal truths that are revealed for the first time within the stories actually have to do with the survival or destruction of this planet within the next few years. The outcome of these epic stories will absolutely astonish and very unexpectedly surprise any reader."

"I'm unusual as a screenplay and novel author in that I'm very clear about unique worldwide marketing perspectives and I've created a comprehensive number of them that are yet to be tested. I have an intuitive gift, which has allowed me to foresee what movies and books will succeed or fail, and to what degree once they're released. Because of this, I've followed or intuitively tracked the last 30 years of Sci-Fi novels and movies and I've somehow been able to see how certain projects were to succeed beyond their makers wildest dreams. Let me explain. I'll use the highly successful 'Lord Of The Rings' feature film trilogy as an example.”

"Before the third ‘Lord of The Rings’ came out by director Peter Jackson, I had talked with a business associate of mine that was in the entertainment business who was not able to see 'The Return of The King' when it was released in theaters worldwide. I mentioned to him that for those films to have been funded at all at such extreme risk to any major studio, they would have to have had a parent conglomerate corporate CEO sponsor backing a major studio CEO with a green light to proceed."

"That's because no CEO or executive of any major studio would have risked $500 million dollars and their lucrative career on a film trilogy shot back to back in advance of seeing if the first episode would be successful. That's a lot for anybody to risk. There had to be a primary CEO of a parent company who had a personal interest in seeing those films made. I told my business associate that I just confidently knew this was the case. He didn't believe me at the time, before the third installment of 'The Lord of The Rings' came out, so I patiently waited."

"Miramax had originally agreed to fund a two film 'Lord of The Rings' version of the trilogy story with Peter Jackson as Director; but they got cold feet and backed out after pre-production development had begun. They most probably said to Peter Jackson 'We will let you out of your contract if you can find another studio to take on the film project and pay back our investment to date.' After that Peter Jackson went to another studio, got turned down, went to another studio, got turned down, and then the last chance came when Peter and Mark Odesky (a junior executive at New Line at the time) pitched the two screenplay or two film 'Lord Of The Rings' deal to New Line's two Chief Executive Officers."

Ever curious of how this studio merry-go-round really works? Read on...In Scott's words, "Mark Odesky was a junior executive at New Line at the time that had been responsible for bringing Peter Jackson, on several of his prior lower budget films, into New Line Studios.”

You'll understand the studio pecking order further while you read on as Lemriel explains, "So Jackson went in with many artistic illustrations and a video, etc., to accomplish what is often referred to as a 'pre-production pitch meeting’ at New Line Studios. When the lights came up, the 1 hard to read CEO of the two co-heads of the studio looked at Peter and Mark Odesky and said, 'why would anyone want to make 2 films out of "The Lord of The Rings?' Peter & Mark thought because he stopped there or hesitated that they were going to pass on the deal, and it was there last chance to get it funded again. Peter Jackson might have answered then, 'It had been a 2 film deal package at Miramax, and we're pitching it as a 2 film package to both of you to take over the project because we'd written the trilogy into two screenplays for them." Then the unreadable CEO quite excitedly stated, 'Peter, isn't 'The Lord of The Rings' three books? Shouldn't we do a trilogy?' And the eyebrows of Mark and Peter went up!”

In other words, under normal circumstances no top Executive head of a major studio at that time would have risked his job and the studio by funding a five hundred million dollar trilogy shot back-to-back, without the unique scenario that happened only because of the bold and daring MR. Ted Turner. This is the kind of phenomena that often takes place to bring about amazing success stories despite the refusal of the studio heads to take such daring risks. Something completely unexpected takes place to get the job done and everybody wins over their negative fears."

"So you see, Peter and Mark didn't know at that time (and neither did anyone else) that Ted Turner had already put these two CEO's on notice to go after a daring project to get the studio's lack-luster performance accomplishing something really substantial and risky with great potential for success. Otherwise, he informed them they would be out of a job and New Line Studios would be sold. HERE’S HOW I FOUND THIS OUT."

"First let me say I surmise that possibly Ted Turner and Jane Fonda (don't know if she was still his wife at the time) may have been fans of 'The Lord of The Rings' books by J.R.R. Tolkien as younger adults or while growing up," said Scott Lemriel, a writer himself. Then he went to reveal further truth, "Anyway, one day I was watching Charlie Rose on TV after the Academy Awards came out and he was interviewing Ted Turner, who was CEO of AOL/Time Warner overseeing New Line Cinema at the time that 'The Lord Of The Rings' was being pitched by Peter and Mark to get funding to continue the production. Charlie Rose was asking Ted questions concerning Jane Fonda and then and out of the blue Ted announced he was responsible for GREEN-LIGHTING 'The Lord Of The Rings' trilogy and my ears stood up.”

“There was the mysterious parent company CEO revealing my insight was completely accurate regarding how 'The Lord Of The Rings' trilogy actually got funded. Mr. Ted Turner went on to explain he had contacted the two CEO's of New Line Cinema and informed them that if they didn't take a risk on something daring (Mr. Ted Turners nature) with epic potential to bring New Line Studio's lack-luster performance back to the successful map with other studios or they would be out of job and he would sell the studio. He meant it!"

"After the third movie of the 'Lord of The Rings' trilogy came out; in fact, the day the film was out, I was in a theater with a group of entertainment and business people from all walks of life, who had taken a break from their busy schedules to see this film. When the lights came up at the end of the feature, I watched the phenomena take place I knew would happen. Cell phones lit-up all over the theater simultaneously. People were looking at their watches as they stood up to excitedly comment about how fantastic the movie was and they all started calling everyone they knew. After that day, I told my business friend at the time (the one who asked me how it would do) that this movie was going to sweep the Academy Awards unlike any other film in movie history, even though it was a fantasy film. At that time, Academy members would normally never seriously vote for a science fiction or fantasy features to win in the Best Picture and Best Director categories, among many others. Regardless, I told him how I thought the film would do. When the Academy Awards were presented, everything I had said about the ceremony actually happened! Peter Jackson took 3 Academy Awards home on his own that night out of ten total. To say that the business associate who I foretold the results to was astounded is an understatement."

What is R. Scott Lemriel working on? Can it fit into that whole studio cat and mouse game to get it into a feature film format? What's is the passion behind Lemriel's writing of these book and screenplays anyway?

And he relayed to me, "My writing focuses is on uplifting readers in an entirely new way, a next step so-to-speak, beyond what any other book or feature film has yet accomplished and what they imply. In other words, I consciously write this material to reflect a fascinating wider view or uplifting insightful discovery or next step within the reader. I endeavor to mirror the reader's real hidden creative potentials to the surface. Even the television fans of shows like Star Gate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, The X Files, Harry Potter, Star Trek and the Lord of The Rings trilogy would be enthralled by what they will find in the extraordinarily unique 'Parallel Time Trilogy' novel. The three book story reveals what's going on behind the scenes on Earth involving both good and evil (benevolent and malevolent) extraterrestrial beings that are secretly involved with the most powerful hidden governments on Earth."

Scott easily explains, "'The Parallel Time Trilogy'" and 'The Seres Agenda' uncover for the first time purposefully hidden universal truths never before revealed in any books or feature films to date. 'The Seres Agenda' actually further uncovers what's going to take place here on Earth in the next few years that will alter its imminent destruction and uplift or transform the entire surface of the planet. In other words, without a shadow of a doubt both the trilogy and the new ‘Seres Agenda’ novel answer the question once and for all time whether or not we are alone in this Universe. That pretty much sums it up.”

He's an author who knows what he wants and how he wants it. It's not an easy feat on the Internet, in published book form or in major motion pictures to actually accomplish this. But this guy is definitely going places with his strong "can-do" attitude that is lacking in many authors and writers today. In a sense, although he writes books, screenplays, music and has been involved in a film production and directed live TV, this man R. Scott Lemriel could easily be one of the top BLOGGERS on the Super-Internet-Highway. He is seen in many lights. You can discover what you like about him best. I love it all, as the writer of his story. But simply Scott says, "I have insight into the events ahead of time that are going to happen. They call them 'trends' and regardless of all appearances to the contrary on Earth today, our future will be unexpectedly bright."

As Scott relayed to me, the pitch for ‘The Parallel Time Trilogy’ story is: 80 thousand years ago Earth poles changed 180 degrees over night,destroying the lands as they sank beneath exploding lava in seething ocean waves, while raising from the sea floor entirely new Continents that we live on today and there was a new beginning.

It's about to happen again ...

(Unless...They finally intervene)

What makes for a good story in what you write? What ingredients have you added to make people pay attention and read it?

R. Scott Lemriel clearly explained, "I endeavor to provide a way for the reading audience to naturally explore the uplifting stories and discover their consciousness is being transformed inside themselves to reveal a wonderland of hidden potentials they don't know are there or are not yet aware such potentials exist. I write in a way that promotes the reader to become aware of those wondrous potentials. So...I don't just write science fiction like any other author I've read or know about. That's why it has taken 30 years of personal first-hand experience with what I write about to reveal all that is contained within the pages of both ‘The Parallel Time Trilogy’ and ‘The Seres Agenda.’ It was only after many eye-opening experiences that greatly widened my perception of the universe and creation that I began to call my writing fiction, because who would believe me otherwise? That’s the essence of what I’m about and the driving force that motives all my writing, publishing and film production endeavors.”


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    • Leslie_Siegel profile imageAUTHOR

      Katie Seagal 

      7 years ago from Hollywood, CA


    • profile image

      Captain B 

      7 years ago

      There is more to this whole thing than Epsilon Eridani or Tau Ceti. It's VERY BIG.

    • profile image

      Captain B 

      7 years ago

      With everything happening re finding extra-solar planets, it is time that the entertainment industry got "on board". There are some big giga-audiences out there.


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