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Had enough of Shop & Ship?

Updated on October 11, 2014

A month ago I made an order for a canon print head that I needed urgently for my printer. Basically my printer wouldn't work without it. So I needed this to avoid any delays in printing some of my client's photos. Anyhow, the print head arrived from NY on the 2nd of October, which was about 10 days ago, and was stuck in their office there. Because I reside in the Middle East we use this service called U Shop we Ship, and it's powered by Aramex. I was wondering why it was taking all that time.

I contacted the guys at the local Aramex office to see when my long awaited package was going to arrive. So the guy at the customer service said: "Yes, we'll have your package sent today. No need to worry". I took his word for it, and waited. When it was about 5pm I gave up and called the customer service support there, I was surprised to hear that the package was still in their office and that no one had picked it up. This was very frustrating because they had previously informed me that my package was on its way to my place.

I wasn't going to give up that easily. I asked for the managers contact information. I called; no answer. I called 20 times -literally- before I got an answer. He said he was going to check and see what the problem was and get back to me. Turns out the issue was with the driver sending the packages. Seems he wasn't in the mood to send the package this week. Anyhow, he promised that they'd send it to me today. And yet, another broken promise. Am I surprised? Far from it. I've given up. I wish there was an alternative; besides not purchasing things from amazon -which is super difficult for an "amazonholic" like me-

Stealing the Joy

We're always excited to get our shipments whenever we're expecting one. But aramex does an excellent job in stealing that joy away. Constant delays in shipments, extremely high prices in shipments. It's really not worth the hassle.

Sometimes companies like Aramex take advantage on the fact that there's no competition out there, which makes them think that there mistakes are not accounted for. One thing I do know is, the minute a new service comes to the Island, there's no way I'll use Aramex. EVER

Use the Shop and Ship service only if ...

  • You really have to buy something that isn't available in any of the stores at your country.
  • If you don't need it urgently (like if you can wait a little more than a month)
  • If you don't mind spending the extra money on shipping costs. And yes, they cost a lot!


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