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Haider Movie Review by Virendra Dafane

Updated on July 25, 2015
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Virendra Dafane lives in Pune, India. Feel free to write to him about your views about his articals on virendra.dafane at gmail.

Shakespeare is most celebrated writer of this planet because of his ability to tell a story using emotions and their influence on human behavior. Using three simple emotions like Love, anger and revenge he builds the plot that created a master-piece play called "Hamlet". Hamlet story is about a prince taking a revenge for his father's death as his mother was in love with a person who killed his father. Prince's character has conflict outside and within his mind as well.

"Haider" is one of the most thoughtful adoptions of Shakespeare's work as Vishal and co-writer manage to create a realistic drama with zero entertainments. Writer managed retain core characterization of the story and on Kashmir background and created a context where character and their ruthless sentiment fits the scene.

"Haider" an Aligraph student returns to his home and finds his mother in the arms of his uncle and later comes to know that they (Mothers and Uncle ) desperately wanted his father out of the way. Woofing for revenge, Haider soon becomes a pawn in the hands of different political organizations fighting for power. His lover is Arshia is only the fresh face and aims to bring a little positivity to this revenge drama. However, as the scene progresses, audience come to know, these are lifeless people with infatuated negativity in their mind.

Shahid/ Haider has inner conflict; his uncle murdered his father or not? He wants an exact answer for the revenge. Story moves forward where our protagonist (hero) wants to know the real truth and the antagonist (Villan) attempts to destabilize the truth . I did not kill your father is Uncle's version and Haider comes to know a different version. At this point, plot goes murky as the protagonist ( Hero) and antagonist fear the same truth. Establishment of scene happens via the dialogues and screenplay in gripping fashion and sometimes use of poems.

Another portion I liked about is it is a forwarding going drama where every scene revels new information to our hero.

The story has intense tension as what is at stake is everyone's life in that blood-shaded Kashmir valley. When battle is for life, emotions are deep and darker, and they are weird too.

Shahid Kapoor delivered brilliant performance of life and where he acted as disturbed son in order to find truth say the poem lines. Dil ki gar sunon to hai, dimagh ki to hai nahi, jaan loon k jaan doon, main rahun k main nahi "

All support actors ignite the revenge saga by lightening a contrary ruthless fire all the way. Tabu plays the wife, and she is the central character, whose love has created the chaos. This is a hard reality and no entertainment. Silence of the central character build a story and see Tabu where camera moves around her face, and director makes another person to speak to achieves as adequate practical frame.

Background score is another plus point of the movie where voice of the radio, the winds and everything grips you where nature remains confident with brutal people chase for each other.

Some element of humor has tried to create by writer . However, this is intense serious story where humor also fits the category of black humor or philosophy you may call. Brilliant Cinematographer succeeds in providing a beautiful Kashmir locations and on the face where men behave cruel.

An additional effective part of the movie is song "Bismil" which will remind you Subhash Ghai ( Yeh Karz tha type song). To summarize, to see or not see? This movie is not entertainment. It is ruthless revenge drama for core cinema lovers. Don't take kids along-with you. I doubt how many girls would prefer harsh reality.

This is a brilliant movie and raising standards of core cinema but not for everyone. I rate it as 4 out of 5.

Release Date : Oct 02, 2014
Artists (Cast) : Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Kay Kay Menon, Tabu Producer : Vishal Bhardwaj, Siddharth Roy Kapur
Director : Vishal Bhardwaj
Music Director : Vishal Bhardwaj


4 stars for Haider


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