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Hail, Caesar! Review:

Updated on February 16, 2016

Movies from have been wheeling and dealing movies since the first one in 1896. Classic Hollywood has had history that's both controversial and mostly been whitewashed. While pre-seventies Hollywood has given us some great classic films, it's also a great setting for satire. Hail, Caesar! does this concept perfectly. It's goofy approach of the telling of Classic Hollywood is one to admire. There are inconsistencies in the storytelling of the movie and the subplots don't always connect. However, Hail, Caesar! succeeds on the back of it's comedic star studded cast and the fun underneath workings of classical Hollywood.

Hollywood Star Baird Whitlock (George Clooney) goes missing for more than an hour after a recess in the shooting of the movie Hail, Caesar! Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) is the producer and has to go find where Whitlock has gone. The everyday life of Mannix is starting to get to them as production problems start to arise. Mannix is also being perused by a new company that's not in the movie business. Mannix has now has to juggle fifteen different things as he's also got to find time for the family life. These incidents string together a narrative that's constantly going from one spectrum to the next.

Hail, Caesar! does have it's far share of problems. Those problems, like stated before, and consent linear narrative. The movie is all over the place, from showing the inner workings of a western, to a love drama with an interesting french director. The only consistent plot in the movie is Whitlock's abduction. That's the main linear plot in the movie, and the movie does become crowded with too much subplots to count. Though this isn't necessary a deal breaker, as those plots are the ones that pay homage to the "better days" of Hollywood. They push along the idea of the structure of how old Hollywood use to operate. These subplots are what make the movie hilariously underrated. The comedy in her isn't for most people, and some won't get it because they don't know about certain things that went on during those times in Hollywood. Some might say that doesn't make for a great film. However, it's geared toward a certain fanbase and that's fine. There are fan movies that will appeal to others, and others will not like it. However, there people should keep an open mind when these types of movies pop up.

Hail, Caesar! does have the swag of 1950's Hollywood and everything about that era of Hollywood is greatly represented. A lot of time in fun satirical way though and doesn't always have good things to say about the classical Hollywood. This back and forth isn't a bad thing in the movie and shows a kind of grayer picture on the older side of Hollywood. The jokes that consist in the satirical parts are just simply hilarious to me and should have more of a Wes Anderson feel to it. They're simply amazing in my opinion and save the movie with it's consistent plot.

Overall, Hail, Caesar! might have been slightly disappointing for fan of the Coen Brothers. However, those seeking a great satirical approach to the funny parts of Hollywood, will find what they're looking for. Also the Coen Brother's style is written all over this, with awkward humor, hilarious dialogue, and abrupt ending. Fans of the CB will have a great time, and those fans that understand old classic cinema. Those who don't, should stay away.



There filmography is very well known.
There filmography is very well known.

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    • Bmaster4616 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Rochester Hills

      Same. No country for old men in their best film

    • profile image

      Pat Mills 

      2 years ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      I agree with your rating, but I also like this better than either of the other entries in the Numbskull Trilogy. The Coens have their moments, like this one, in comedy, but I prefer their dramas.


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