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Hail To The King, Baby! Best Scenes From Evil Dead

Updated on December 4, 2013

 Armed with a chainsaw and his trusty boomstick, Ash sets out to save the world from the deadites! In Evil Dead, a group of college kids go to an abandoned cabin for a weekend, during their stay they dicover The Necronomicon Ex Mortis roughly tranlated Book Of The Dead. They listen to an audio tape from the cabin's owner Professor Raymond Knowby, which unleshes an evil so horrifying, surviving would leave you insane. Which is exaclty what happens to Ashley Williams. In Evil Dead Two: Dead By Dawn, Ash returns to the cabin, to battle the Evil spirits again. This time leaving him in a totally diffrent century!

10. Attack Of Little Ashs/ Evil Ash Army Of Darkness

In Army of Darkness, Ash is attacked by a bunch of mini Ashs! Ash acidently swallows a Mini Evil Ash causing him to split into Evil Ash

Bitch In Basement Evil Dead2: Dead By Dawn

Professor Knowby's daughter returns home, to find a crazy man with one arm in her father's cabin, so they lockmhim in the basement

Give Me My Hand Back! Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn

 After Ash has an argument with his self, he has a fight with his hand!

7. Reflection Scene Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn

 Ash, now a few cards short of a deck has a little argument with himself in the mirror, evil dead style!

6. Ash VS Hand Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn

After Ash's hand becomes possesed he must kick his own hands ass!

5. Tree Scene The Evil Dead

Attion ladies! Stay out of the woods. A disturbing tree rape takes place during the first Evil Dead movie. If you haven't seen, watch it. Due to the disturbing nature (lol) of this scene I can not post it,so enjoy the original theatrical trailer of Evil Dead

4. Headless Chainsaw Chick

After killing an decapitating his girl, Ash must then battle her headless body!

3. Laughing Scene Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn

 What happens after you go nuts? the whole room will probably start laughing at you. The scary part is not knowing if it's really happening or not!

2. GROOVY Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn

 Ash Finally gets his chainsaw in the most memorable scene from Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn

1. S Mart Army Of Darkness

Ash is Back in normal time, Baby!


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